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The Mother

With Her power, She created the foundations for the universe and all that resides within it. And while She slumbers, Her aspects guide our actions, and keep us from destruction.
— Common religious refrain
The Mother is the name usually given to the head deity of The Divinities, the pantheon of gods worshipped throughout Tiyu Amara. Despite being an absent figure in comparison to Her "aspects", She demands complete respect, and holds enough power to rend the world asunder.


Among most groups, the Mother is held to be the first being in all creation, springing fully formed from the infinite Planar Sea. Alone in the cosmos, She used Her prodigious magical talents to form many worlds from the sea - among them Tiyu Amara, Tiyu Noha, and Tiyu Shòbá.   However, crafting these worlds would be too arduous and exhausting for one divine alone, and so She split herself into 4 aspects - Justice, Wisdom, Balance, and Charity - who would govern the worlds in Her stead. She also created dragons to mould the land. With accomplished, and Her power drained, She settled into an eternity of slumber.  


In the Abravost tradition, this sleep was undisturbed until the Collision, in which Tiyu Amara and Tiyu Noha were brought crashing together by the other Divinities. However, Her awakening was slow, and it was only in 326 AC that She became aware of what had happened. In anger at what had been wrought in Her absence, She caused the Separation, severing the ties between the two realms and destroying the Portals that linked the two.   In the Thurásin tradition, She is believed to have instead awoken earlier, during the Era of Thawing. Upon surveying Her realms, She decreeds that they should interact, and caused the Collision Herself. As the people of Thurásin were largely unaffected by the Separation, they believe the strange disturbances at the time were a result of Her being disturbed, though they are not sure why.
Divine Domain
Creation, Life, Destruction, Death, Magic


Though the Mother is widely revered, there is disagreement over whether She is actually liked. This issue is especially prominent in Abravost, which reaped the benefits of inter-world interaction for a century before She caused the Separation.   To many on that continent, She is less respected and more feared for Her immense world-shaping abilities. Many religious festivals that were previously in Her honour have either become tense or been retrofitted to instead honour Her most prominent aspects, in hopes of appeasing Her without drawing Her attention.
The Separation by Isaac Thompson

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