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Planar Sea

A grand and flowing abyss, from which all is made, and all shall return. Home of the gods and the ghosts of man.
The Planar Sea is the name often given to the space between the various mortal realms. It is the home of The Divinities, who created the realms, and the temporary home of the ghosts of mortals.


No-one is sure what the Planar Sea actually looks like. Based on statements from various Divinities through history, as well as research by mages, it is a colossal cosmic ocean, full to the brim with magic. Near its edges are the various mortal realms, of which two are known - The Human Realm, and the Elven Realm. These realms either float on the sea's surface, or are submerged within it. At the Planar Sea's centre rests The Mother, head of the Divinities. Through the ebb and flow of the waves, the spirits of deceased mortals are drawn towards Her.


In common myth, the Planar Sea has always existed. From it, The Mother was born, and She then created the other members of the Divinities from Herself, and then finally the mortal realms. Since then, the Sea has remained much unchanged, bar two events - The Collision, and The Separation. In the former, the Divinity of Change convinced some of their fellows to bring the Human and Elven realms together, causing many changes in both realms and the exchanging of many locations and their inhabitants. In the latter, its commonly believed The Mother awoke to see the entangled realms and flew into a fury, tearing them apart. This destroyed the Portals which existed between the two, and plunged many countries into chaos from the loss of key individuals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mother's Realm, The Cosmos
Dimensional plane
Owning Organization
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As the realm of the divine and deceased, transport is supposed to be barred to the living. Certainly no mortal to be really said to 'enter' the Planar Sea, merely seeing its outskirts where it intersects with the mortal realms.
There are, however, ways to pass through it. In the 3rd century AC, researchers in Waal Zaimyatl developed Portals. These gateways 'carve tunnels' in the space between worlds, allowing for instantaneous transport from one world to another. While all such gateways went offline during The Separation, there are rumours some remain active.
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Oct 17, 2019 17:16 by Ademal

I love the idea of the portals. Admittedly, though the picture is a door, the fact that it cuts through the sea made me picture instead a whirlpool where you must take a leap of faith in and it will suck you down down down and then suddenly you're washing up on unknown shores...   Overall I dig it. There's something peaceful about the concept. I mean, so long as I don't think about the fact that seas often have depths...

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