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Lolth's Web

Purpose / Function

Named after the spider goddess of judgement. The web consists of the various river waters that flow from the snowy Step being redirected via dikes and dams into areas such that the landscape can be unrecognizable to enemy maps.

Hazards & Traps

Forgotten Wells

Ancient tubes that worm their way under the valley ground is credited to ancestral diggers or volcanic activity; depending on who you ask.   These were taken advantage of as a food storage and emergency water reservoir to many older cities. Due to the nature need to dig deep, the old tubes were drowned to incorporate them into the overall system. However, they were not extensively mapped beforehand and it said that people go missing while working around the desparate dams and polders.


River Alterations

New river routes and reservoirs were constructed from the older underground wells built by their ancestors during the tuskin times.   Hundreds of channels are cut into the landscape and branch off from the drinker into smaller canals to save drinking water elsewhere and prevent contamination from the Popotla Fields.


The web can introduce obstacles and traps to hostile forces that entered the territory. The problem is that it is a complicated system dependent on timing, predictive reasoning, field coordination and luck to work as intended.
But when done succinctly, armies have been blocked, rerouted, trapped and drowned thanks to Lolth in her judgement.


Red Sun Era

When the reign of the tuskin came to an end, their human servants carved channels, cut into the bedrock, to redirect underground waterways. They carry water filtered through limestone from sources atop the Step to gardener cities serviced through deep dug wells. The hundreds of wells that control the Coil's extensive irrigation system also lead through several unmapped underground waterways. When gardeners control larger swarths of land, some of these branches reached outside to what Otoerm controls now.



Welwyn sits at the intersection of many important canals and while the seat of the capital rotates among the garden cities, responsibilty for overseeing system maintenance stays with Welwyn.


Cholula controls the majority of farmable land in garden plot. As a result, much of the water are directed towards its fields.
Alternative Names
Water Web
Hydroponics / Agricultural complex
Parent Location
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization
Flower Wars
Tradition / Ritual | Oct 11, 2021

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