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Kueli is an ancient and powerful gold Dragon, who uses her abilities in an attempt to achieve peace and hide among the mortals in disguise.  


Physical features

Kueli uses her ability to change shape wisely, learning more about the world and how it changed during her slumber thanks to this ability. But, she quickly came back to old habits, and a few forms are her favorite. The characters below are his favorites.  

Jona Darama

A Human female of average age and height with messy brown hair, leader of the monster's town and worshipped by the local Kobold. A calm and rational leader trying her best to have a peaceful place for her people  

Vaela Gauchefosse

An elven woman, shorter than average with a feminine build and long white hair braided and hanging loosely over her shoulder. Her pale skin contrasts the scar running on her left eye. Vaela was once known as the court mage of Lorien.

Arthur Braveking

An elderly human male, ripple covering his face, but his piercing yellow eyes show a spark of wisdom akin to his age.  


Kueli lair is deeply hidden within the Highlanders Mountains, deep below the mountains and under the village where she lives as a shapeshifted humanoid. The labyrinthic tunnel and underground system lead to her lair, and an illusory rock leads directly to the nearby lake. Sometimes, on foggy days, when no one can see her, she transforms back into a dragon, to enjoy the sensation of flying.  


Kueli's wealth hasn't grown much since the time she was still active, but it is nonetheless an impressive treasure. Paintings, poems, and other pieces of art from long-forgotten time, Scientific books, and expert craftsman masterpieces are all deeply within her lair.  


War of the Ancients

Kueli is an ancient dragon, she fought during the war of the ancients, was grievously wounded, she was healed by Alexstrasza herself and still bear the scar on her left eye, even when shapeshifted. Often, Kueli led Elf spellcasters and rained fire down on the demons.  

Orc War

Prior to the Orc War, Kueli assumed the identity of a high elf mage mage named Vaela Gauchefosse, and became an asset of the Kingdom of Lórien and a friend of Tezzeret Thuzad. Hardly anyone knew who she really was.  

Golden Five

Kueli was also a member of the golden five, a council of metallic dragons, discussing the matter of the mortals. Kueli was an advocate of peace, seeing hope in the mortal sin and foul play, as they were like children with incredible potential soon to grow.  

Draco-Giant War

After the Great Extinction, the dragon and Giant start a war, Kueli begged her kind to stop, as such bloodshed could only lead to vile consequences. She refused to partake in the slaughter, isolating herself in her lair within the highlander mountains and got into a deep slumber in the hope to wake up to a brighter future.  

Recent History

Centuries later, she came back to life, only to realize dragon kind was almost extinct, and a new conflict arises, this time between the Duchy of High Zephyr who claimed her mountain, and foreigners of the empire, orcs, goblins, and other monstrous races.   She built a shelter, a safe place for those monstrous race, those orcs, goblins, and kobolds who only wish to live peacefully. A place she hopes to be peaceful.


The Gold Hearted
Lawful Good

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Character Portrait image: Gilthias, the Golden Dragon by Marishka Kleyman


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