Vega Dred

Depravity, Degeneracy, and Debauchery

Vega Dred is the fifth-largest city in the Thenian state of Kezig. Located on the southern tip of the state, its location at one of the mouths of the River of the Defiled make it an important city in Kezig.   Despite it not being the capital of Kezig, non-Kezens classify Vega Dred as the most "Kezen" city. This is not a compliment.


Vega Dred has turned into a refuge for the witches of Thenia. Since many states dislike witches, witches tend to leave their own states and settle in Kezig, with Vega Dred being the most popular. Only about 50% of the population (and sometimes even less) are native Vegan or Kezen; the remaining percantage are from outside Kezig. Because of this, Vega Dred has a very welcoming atmosphere, despite its infamous reputation.


Like all of Kezig, Vega Dred is governed by Ravka. There is a large group of Excori that reside in Vega Dred as well (in fact, the second largest after the cohort in Skruj Drae). Because it's the Ravkan way, residents are not required to be Ravkan, although many are.

Industry & Trade

Vega Dred's reputation is that of debauchery: it's the place to go to gamble, visit brothels, and just generally misbehave. Vegans are often described as hedonistic: they prefer to live their life for the pleasure it can provide, which is (sadly) a rare attitude in a country that demands a strict life in exchange for safety. Because of its reputation, many Thenians choose to visit there (although they may not admit it), and many Vegans work in the tourisim industry.   Vega Dred's major exports revolve around the famous Dred Draught, a strong liquor that's reputed to be the strongest liquor available in Thenia, as well as the many fish that come from the River of the Defiled and the Sea. Although many Thenians would not want to conquer either the Sea or the River, Vegans are infamous for their cavalier attitude towards both.   Because of the weather and geography, major imports revolve around vegetables (other than root vegetables), as well as wood and fruit, which does not grow easily in Kezig.


Vega Dred is a bustling city packed almost too tightly; no one person has too much unoccupied land around them at any one time. Not too far from the city limits is the seventh (or first, depending on how you look at it) Bridge of the Defiled, which many say is the grandest bridge in Kezig.   Although Vega Dred doesn't have the architectural beauty that other cities in Kezig does, there's still something strangely beautiful about the overcrowded city. Bars, pubs, gambling dens, brothels, and other places of less-than-reputable nature fill every single skinny street and avenue that crisscrosses the city.


There are several districts in Vega Dred: the residential district, the government district, the entertainment district, and the financial/business district, which are subdivided into many, smaller districts. As predicted, the residential district is where permanent Vegan residents live. The entertainment district includes the many bars, pubs, brothels, casinos, restaurants, inns, and other tourist-based businesses makes their home. Permanent Vega Dred residents do not like outsiders to cross over to the residential portion of the city and have gated off most of it that requires a key to access.  

Business district

Razors Wharf: A large area of various harbors that receive the trade from other states and countries. This area is the reason Vega Dred is so important to Kezig as a whole; while Kingsholm has the same advantage on the other end of River, their unwillingness to engage in anything less than reputable means many make the further journey to Vega Dred to sell their wares.
Dred Bank: Vega Dred's main banking institution; it is part of the Bank of Kezig.
Dred Market: An open-air market for native Kezens and outsiders alike.

Entertainment district

The Dens: Where most of the high-profile gambling houses are; if one wants to win money, visit the Dens.
The Innocent's Asylum: A tongue-in-cheek name (based on the Followers of the Seven Divine's Innocent figure) for the portion of the district that houses the most brothels.
Dred Decay: Perhaps the rowdiest district, this is where pubs, bars, and restaurants are found.

Government district

Dred Temple: A large temple that is the home of Vega Dred's Excori and where any local government business is taken care of.
Thenian Society Embassy: The Thenian Society has a branch here; Kezig's other branch is in Skruj Drae.
Dred Hall: A large building that where the Excori, along with other townsmembers, hold local governmental meetings. It also has a few pubs and other meeting places for more official business.

Residential district

Veganview: Perhaps the wealthiest portion of the city, many of the city's richest call this district home.
Dredsden: The residential portion of the city where the poorest live; it's also the residential district with the most crime.
Dredmens: The middle-class residential portion of the city; most people live here.

Guilds and Factions

As mentioned, the Excori have a stronghold in Vega Dred, and they are well-respected there. In addition, various groups control various parts of the entertainment district: these borders are upheld by force, if necessary, and it's unwise, to say the least, for a permanent Vegan resident to cross those boundaries if they shouldn't. For visitors, these groups are merely the owners of the establishment they're frequenting, and they do not have to worry about "crossing boundaries." For permanent residents, though, the boundaries are often firm and something that is common knowledge.

Points of interest

There are several points of interest to tourists in Vega Dred. The Dred Distillery is the largest producer of Dred Draught and it offers tours (and several places to consume the liquor) on a daily basis. It has been in business for at least 400 years.   The Dred Temple, a branch of the Dark Temple, is located almost in the middle of the city, and its unique architecture and connection to Ravka means that Ravkan tourists, especially, usually put the temple on their tourism list.   Despite there not being much evidence of it, Vegans claim the Fall of the Corrupted occurred right on their banks, and there are several statues and shrines in the area that honor that event.   The Dred Remains is a large area right outside of the city proper that are ancient remains of some of the first people in Kezig. In fact, local mythology says that some of the remains were where the Defiled once made their home.


As mentioned, tourism is a huge part of Vega Dred's local economy. Many from other states come to engage in "immoral" behavior they may not otherwise. For obvious reasons, though, many won't stay they're going to Vega Dred, and if Thenians' denial of their tourist trips was any indication of what goes on there, then the city would be almost absolutely empty.   Vegans love tourists like this: they come to the city, spend (in some cases) enormous amounts of money, and then they return to their normal lives.


Like much of Kezig, Vega Dred's climate includes mild summers and and cool winters, with precipitation (both rain and sometimes snow) stable throughout the year. Vega Dred's weather is often described as "depressing" to outsiders, but many inhabitants find beauty in the rainy, chilly weather of the city. (And state, in general.)
Approx. 150,000
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Vegan [VEY-gun]
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