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Braeque (BRAYke)

Braeque is a state in the country of Thenia. Located on Thenia's eastern coast, it's bordered by Skanzia to the north, Ieglia to the west, and Keshea to the south. Famous for its matrilineal society, Braeque is led by the elders of its population, and its highest branch of government is female elders only. Braeque is also famous for the Mines of Voetia, a ring of active volcanoes that encircle most of Braeque's southern and eastern borders. Braeque's rocky terrain makes it inhospitable to agriculture, but they have thriving mining and quarrying industries.


Because of its matrilineal society, Braeque is led in a Council of Elders, which are all female. The Council of Elders is supported by the Ministry of Elders, which anyone can serve on.

The Council of Elders is made up of nine women, whom must all be over the age of 60 in order to be serve. A Council spot is an elected position, with elections occurring every five years. No money is required to run for the positions, for any woman from any walk of life can, theoretically, run for a position.

The Ministry of Elders, made up of 201 people, is open to all citizens of Braeque, regardless of gender; however, that citizen must be 50 or older. As with the Council, those running for the Ministry do not need money to do so; as a result, the Ministry tends to actually reflect the people they work for.

The Council of Elders and the Ministry of Elders act as a checks-and-balances system for one another; while one group may create a law, for example, the other group must vote on it. Typically, the Ministry votes on everyday business, while the Council takes care of larger matters. In the rare instance the Council and Ministry disagree, both groups must converge, and then after much deliberation and work, a majority vote is taken, and the conclusion is the ultimate result.


Braeque is tremendously wealthy, as they mine precious gems and valuable stone to export to other states.

Demography and Population

4 million


All Braeque people are expected to be Voetian. Although there is no official punishment for not being a practicing Voetian, the Braeque government will lean heavily on those that don't believe are upholding their commitment.

Foreign Relations

Braeque is fairly isolated from the other states, due to their aversion to a matrilineal system.

Agriculture & Industry

There is not much agriculture in Braeque, due to its inhospitable and rocky climate. As such, their industry is based on mining, quarrying, and supplying exotic fauna and flora.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Braeque ethnicity
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Obsidian and lava rock special to Braeque, quarry rock, exotic flowers and animals for pets
Major Imports
Mostly food-related (vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy)
Legislative Body
The legislative duties are shared between the Council of Elders and the Ministry of Elders, but the Ministry sees to most everyday business.
Judicial Body
The legal system is based on a peer jury and a person's right to a fair defense; this is overseen by the Council of Elders.
Executive Body
The executive branch is headed by the Council of Elders and the Councillor (the Councillor is the first amongst equals).
Neighboring Nations

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