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Trece Isla (TREEce EYE-luh)

Trece Isla is an archipelago state comprised of eight islands located off the east coast of the country of Thenia.   There are seven islands that make up Trece Isla:
1.Trece Isla: The "main island" is often just called Trece Isla; this is where the capital, Zokesh, is located. About half of the island is covered in a dense rainforest, while the other half is desert. About half of Trece Isla's population lives on the main island.
2.Isla Miladorai: A unique island of Trece Isla, Isla Miladorai is covered in a deciduous forest. The biggest city is Miladorai.
3.Isla Thalia: Isla Thalia is mostly desert, with a bit of rainforest. The biggest city is Lyva Thalia.
4.Isla Volka: This island is sparsely populated, and does not send a member to the Islan Court
5.Isla Normani: Although more densely popualted than Isla Volka, this island is also sparsely populated.
6.Isla Xjolra: Isla Xjolra is a small, mostly desert island. The biggest city is Xjolr.
7.Isla Dorth: The second biggest island, Isla Dorth is about half rainforest and half desert. The biggest city is Iln Dorth.
8.Isla Zatani: Isla Zatani is a small, mostly desert island. The biggest city is Zata.


Trece Isla is governed by the Islan Court. Each island (except for Isla Volka) send an elected royal member to the Islan Court every eight years. About half of the year is spent on their home islands and the half in Zokesh, where the Islan Court is housed.   Each island has their own process for electing a royal; the only rule, though, is that everyone is eligible once they are an adult, and that everyone has a vote once they are an adult. (A Islan is considered an adult at 20.)   Each royal from an island is a called a Royal (since gender does not play an important part in Islan culture). The titles are: Islan Royal (from the "main island), Miladorai Royal, Royal Thalia, Royal Xjolra, Normani Royal, and Dorthan Royal.

Demography and Population

1.5 million


Freedom of religion is allowed on Trece Isla. However, most (70%) of the population are Cult of the Sacrificed while 25% are members of the Followers of the Seven Divine. About 5% are Ravka.

Agriculture & Industry

Islans have extensive agriculture as well as a huge fishing industry. They provide many fruits and vegetables to other states, and many are unique to Trece Isla.

Trade & Transport

Because of Trece Isla's location and love for maritime activities and trade, Trece Isla trades with every state of Thenia, and some countries outside of Thenia as well (they are the only state that does this).
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Alternative Names
The Islands
Islan (EYE-lan)
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Fruits, vegetables, textiles, jewelry, fish
Major Imports
Wood, metals, rock, livestock
Legislative Body
The legislative body is the Islan Court; they are allowed to create the laws of Trece Isla. In some instances, an island's royal may act on their own, if the matter doesn't affect other islands. However, most big issues must go up in front of the Court.
Judicial Body
The judicial branch of the government is headed by each individual royal, if the crime is minor, and the Islan Court for major crimes. In either case, the accused is allowed a jury of nine peers to decide their fate.
Executive Body
The executive body is also the Islan Court, when it comes to enforcing the laws of all Islans as well as each individual island's royal for the enforcement for each island. (Isla Volka doesn't have this; it's considered a sort of lawless land.)

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