The Scholomance is a school for magicians located a few miles outside of Cruxholm, Ieglia. It is one of many schools in the world that teaches magic, but because of its small size, prominent alumni, and first-rate faculty, it is considered one of the most prestigious magic schools in the world. It also serves as a homebase for Solomonari that have graduated, if they are not on assignment.


The Scholomance first opened in 2377. It has been housed in the huge stone castle it calls home since 3535. Although the Scholomance is housed in Ieglia, the area the school is located on is owned completely by the school and is exempt from any Ieglian laws, if that is needed. Even with that rule, though, Ieglia funds much of the Scholomance, as they are extremely proud that it's connected to their state.


The Scholomance is headed by the Dracul. The Dracul has complete control of the school, although they often make decisions in conjunction with other faculty. The Dracul is always an Immortal, elected by their fellows Immortals, to serve as Dracul for at least a period of twenty years. (Most serve much longer.)

Faculty and Staff


Faculty is made up of Immortals.


Support staff from the school are humans. Although the pay is extremely good, many humans refuse to work at the Scholomance because they are frightened by the magic. However, the handsome salary usually means that there is no shortage of those wanting to work at the Scholomance.


Students are picked by the Dracul and other faculty based on a list from elementary magic schools around Thenia. For a period of time, the faculty visits the students and examines them. Only those that show the most promise are accepted into the school; it is an immense honor to be selected for the Scholomance. One student from each state is selected, along with one that is personally picked by the Dracul, who can be from any state, called the Dracul's Distinction.   Because of the intensity of the study, only one group of ten matriculates every seven years.

Typical schedule

Students attend classes twelve months of the year, although they do receive periodic breaks. Students are allowed to leave the Scholomance (although not often), and most visit their home states once or twice every few months.


Students are tutored in several subjects, as every student's course of study is highly specialized. Most students are tutored individually, but when a student's course of knowledge overlaps, they may be tutored with one or two others.   This is a list of potential subjects a magician may undertake while at the Scholomance: -Herbalism
-Elements -Zoolingualism


Students are enrolled at the Scholomance for a period of seven years. The current group is in Year Four of their study.
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The School of the Dragon
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