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Magic is the power that both magicians and witches can create.

Types of magic

In Thenia, magic takes several forms. Although different schools group magic differently, the Scholomance's categories are below, along with a short description.

Magic all magicians should possess (according to the Scholomance)

Elemental Magic

Elemental Magic is the ability to manipulate and control fire, air, earth, and water. Some Elemental Magic can also include other "elements," like light.

Subtypes: Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Air Magic, Water Magic, Electric Magic, Light Magic, Shadow Magic, Metal Magic, Wood Magic

Portal Magic

Portal Magic is the power to create portals and travel anywhere instantaneously. Skills in Portal Magic vary widely; some are able to do it quicker, more accurately, and over longer distances than some magicians.

Subtypes: N/A

Potion Magic

Potion Magic is the power to create potions; although magicians and witches (and even humans) can create potions, the potions will not work correctly without Potion Magic.

Subtypes: N/A

Specialized magic types

Just because a magician possesses one kind of magic doesn't mean they have all the skills grouped under that category (in fact, most don't). The subtypes the Solomonari currently possesses is listed below, along with short descriptions of the categories.

Abjuration Magic

Abjuration Magic includes the ability to heal, create barriers of all kinds, and purify. (This is the only kind of magic the Pure and Unsullied allow.)

Subtypes: Healing Magic, Shield Magic, Purification Magic

Scholomance practioner(s): Nina Balazs (Shield Magic), Rowan Calla (Healing Magic), Zara Ghazali (Healing and Shield Magic)

Conjuration Magic

Conjuration Magic is the power to summon, both objects and beings. All Solomonari have Summoning Magic abilities, but the other types are not universal.

Subtypes: Evocation Magic, Invocation Magic, Summoning Magic

Scholomance practioner(s): Maren Kostova (Invocation Magic), Julian Lukazik (Evocation Magic), Leeza Lazar (Invocation and Evocation Magic)

Dark Magic

Dark Magic is any magic that can be used for malevolent reasons.

Subtypes: Death Magic, Pain Magic, Curse Magic, Corruption Magic, Fear/Madness Magic, Sacrificial Magic (if blood is used)

Scholomance practioner(s): Kazza Hallow (Death Magic, Pain Magic, Curse Magic, Corruption Magic, Sacrificial Magic), Nina Balazs (Fear/Madness Magic), Aneeshka Vilakazi (Fear/Madness Magic)

Divination Magic

Divination Magic encompasses any magic that involves extrasensory perception. There is a myriad of ways one can use Divination Magic, including the use of tarot cards, scrying, and augury.

Subtypes: Precognitive Magic, Retrocognitive Magic, Psychometric Magic

Scholomance practioner(s): Aneeshka Vilakazi (Psychometric Magic and Retrocognitive Magic), Akiva Sky (Precognitive Magic and Psychometric Magic), Julian Lukazik (Precognitive Magic andRetrocognitive Magic)

Illusion Magic

Illusion Magic includes the ability to employ magical illusions. This magic could affect all senses, and could also include the ability to control memories, dreams, and nightmares.

Subtypes: Sense Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (includes Memory Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation)

Scholomance practioner(s): Aneeshka Vilakazi (Mind Manipulation), Kazza Hallow (Sense Manipulation), Nina

Organic Magic

Organic Magic includes the power to control a wide variety of natural elements as well as the ability to manipulate biological elements, like blood and the senses.

Subtypes: Animal Magic, Plant Magic, Weather Magic, Biological Magic

Scholomance practioner(s): Rowan Calla (Animal and Plant Magic), Maren Kostova (Animal Magic and Weather Magic), Akiva Sky (Animal and Plant Magic), Zara Ghazali (Weather Magic)

Ritual Magic

Ritual Magic is any magic that may require any sort of prescribed ritual; the results may vary.

Subtypes: Enchantment Magic, Ceremonial Magic, Sacrificial Magic (if not blood being used)

Scholomance practioner(s): Sarai Amira (Ceremonial and Enchantment Magic), Kazza Hallow (Sacrificial and Enchantment Magic), Leeza Lazar (Sacrificial Magic, Ceremonial Magic, and Enchantment Magic)

Transmutation Magic

Transmutation Magic is any magic that involves changing the essence of a being or object. Most magicians have Matter Transmutation abilities.

Subtypes: Matter Transmutation, Shapeshifting

Scholomance practioner(s): Rowan Calla (Shapeshifting), Maren Kostova (Shapeshifting, Sarai Amira (Matter Transmutation, to a much more powerful extent)


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