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Witches are people with magic that is genetically inherited (that is, within three generations of a magician). Witches are considered to have "dirty magic" in comparison to magicians' "pure magic."   Witches exist all over Thenia and do not have any one centralized settlement location, although most choose to live in Kezig and Votha. Most witches choose to keep their magic a secret; however, it is not illegal to be a witch.   Several religions condemn witches, including the Followers of the Seven Divine, Voetian, and the Pure and Unsullied.  
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There is not a single difference between magicians and witches. Just prestige, wealth, and a little bit of luck split magicians and witches.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Most witches are Ravkan, although a few are apart of the Cult of the Sacrificed.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
90 years
Related Organizations

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