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Kezig is a state in the country of Thenia. Votha borders it directly to the south, while Skanzia borders it to the north and Ieglia to the east. Kezig has a dubious reputation amongst other Thenian states; its relantionship with Ravka, its state religion, and its acceptance of witches means that other Thenians treat Kezens warily. Kezig is famous for its stunning architecture; perhaps its only tourist draw. The Bridges of the Defiled cross the River of the Defiled, while the Kezen Canals snake through the capital of Skruj Drae and the Kezen Catacombs inhabit the underground of the city. While its weather is often rainy and gloomy (to outsiders), Kezens are perhaps the most tied with their state identity, as they are very proud of their country.


Kezig's government is headed by the Ravkan, called the Excori. The two groups of Excori (split into the Most Sacred and the Most Profane) are headed by two leaders, the Most Sacred and Most Profane (the heads of each previous Excori group respectively). The two leaders are the official heads of the government, although many Excori take on everyday duties. As a theocracy, Ravka rules the country, but Kezens aren't punished for not being Ravkan; because they themselves were persecuted, Ravkans believe in freedom, and freedom of religion especially.

Demography and Population

7 million


Ravka is the official state religion; everyone is expected to be an active member. However, unless many theocracies, Kezig does not punish those who aren't Ravkan, although fellow Kezens would find someone's lack of faith in Ravka very strange.

Agriculture & Industry

Kezig is able to have some agriculture, mostly having to do with growing wheat, root vegetables, and raising livestock. Kezig's also has a fairly big tourism industry due to their amazing architecture.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Liquor, steel, fish, root vegetables
Major Imports
Fruits, many vegetables, wood
Legislative Body
The Excori of the Ravkan religion are allowed to write laws, and they vote amongst themselves on the outcome of the laws. If needed, the leaders of the Excori, the Most Sacred and Most Profane, will resolve the tie.
Judicial Body
The judicial body is also headed by the Excori; the justice system is based on Ravkan religious tenets; largely, this means that someone should do as they want, except if it harms someone else. If harm happens, retification needs to be done towards the victim. Kezig's justice system, by some other states in Thenia, is considered both too lax and too severe, depending on who the other state is.
Executive Body
The executive branch is headed by the Excori's leaders, the Most Sacred and Most Profane.
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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