Keshea (kuh-SHAY)

Keshea is a state in the country of Thenia. It is a fertile, hilly state bordered on the north by Ieglia, on the south by Ghazeen, on the east by Braeque, and on the west by Votha. The Cliffs of Morhir bisect the country almost in half, while Lake Magnaux provides a picturesque tourist getaway. Keshea enjoys perhaps the best reputation of Thenia, as Kesheans tend to be neutral in situations of state interactions. Keshea has Thenia's biggest tourism industry, as the agreeable weather and spectacular landscapes make for a popular tourist destination.


Keshea is headed by the Kesheane, which is in turn headed by the Kesh; the Kesheane is made up of elected and heriditary members (called Kesheen), while the Kesh is elected by the people as well.

Demography and Population

9 million


Freedom of religion is allowed in Keshea. The Followers of the Seven Divine have the most followers, with 50% of the population being Followers. About 30% of the population is Voetian, while 20% does not identify with one of those religions.

Foreign Relations

Keshea enjoys the best foreign relations of all Thenian states; Keshea prefers to maintain strong relationships with all other states in order to further Thenia.

Agriculture & Industry

Keshea has a thriving agricultural industry; they also have big tourism and forestry industries.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Keshean (Ka-shane)
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Livestock, dairy, cereals, wood
Major Imports
Metal, gems, fish
Legislative Body
The legislative branch of Keshea is the Kesheane, the parliament of Keshea. The Kesheane is made up of both elected and hereditary officials called a Kesheen. The number of Kesheen varies, depending on the population.
Judicial Body
The Kesheane handles the judicial branch of Keshea through a series of judges elected by the Kesheane.
Executive Body
The Kesh is the head of the executive branch; they hold a significant amount of power, although the Kesheane does eclipse them in power.
Neighboring Nations

Articles under Keshea

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