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Ieglia is a state in the country of Thenia. It is the only landlocked state in Thenia, and is surrounded to the north by Skanzia, to the west by Kezig and Votha, to the south by Keshea, and to the east by Braeque. Ieglia is unique amongst other states because of its state religion, Magusianism, which views magic as sacred and a divine-given gift. The Scholomance is located in Ieglia, and although the school is exempt from Ieglian law and is considered its own entity, Ieglia is very proud of the Scholomance's Ieglian locale.


Ieglia is headed by the Conclave of Magicians. The Conclave is elected by the people of Ieglia, but as only people who have magic are allowed to be elected, it cuts down the number of eligible people to very few.

Public Agenda

The Conclave is not shy about letting everyone know that only those with magic should be able to rule...everywhere.

Demography and Population

6 million


All Ieglians are expected to follow Magusianism, a religion that views magic as a sacred and divine gift only given to a chosen few.

Foreign Relations

Ieglia is very isolated, despite their geographic position right in the middle of Thenia.

Agriculture & Industry

Ieglia has fertile land and is able to produce almost all of its own food.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Ieglian (I-egg-lee-an)
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Magical items, grains, livestock, and wood
Major Imports
Spices, coffee/tea, and precious stones/gems
Legislative Body
The Conclave of Magicians alone is allowed to create laws for Ieglia. The process by which they vote for laws is unknown.
Judicial Body
The Conclave of Magicians enforce the laws strictly; Ieglia is known to have a harsh justice system.
Executive Body
The executive branch is headed by the Archmage. The Archmage is allowed to overrule the Conclave, although that happens rarely.
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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