Oscein (OH-sane)

Oscein is a state in the country of Thenia. It is the northernmost state of Thenia, and its location means that is a cold, snowy country full of huge forests and long mountian ranges. Despite the seemingly inhospitable conditions, Osceinians have eked out properous lives due to the thriving logging and domestic pet industries. Oscein is bordered to the south by Skanzia, its closest ally. Oscein is headed only ceremonially by the Petrovna Family, while the Osceana, their parliament, is the real leader.


Oscein is headed by the Petrovna Family, who are ceremonial in nature, and the Osceana, their elected parliament. People in Oscein tend to place a great deal of trust in elected officials, and Osceana members take that responsibility seriously.

Demography and Population

2.5 million


THe Followers of the Seven Divine have the most followers in Oscein, at about 40% of the population. However, Voetian is close behind at 30%. About 30% of the population doesn't identify as a particular religion; Oscein is one of the only countries in which people are allowed to not be religious.

Foreign Relations

Oscein is fairly isolated from other Thenian states, due mostly to their location.

Agriculture & Industry

Hay, root vegetables, fishing
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Osceinian (OH-say-nian)
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Domestic animals (a wide variety of popular pets come from Oscein), wood
Major Imports
Fruits, grains, vegetables, livestock
Legislative Body
The legislative branch is headed by the Osceana, the parliament of Oscein. They alone can create and enact laws.
Judicial Body
The judicial branch is headed by the Osceana, who allows for a full jury trial for the accused.
Executive Body
The executive branch is headed by the monarch, but is a ceremonial position only.
Neighboring Nations

Articles under Oscein

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