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Skanzia is a state in the country of Thenia. Bordered on the north by Oscein, the large state is bordered on the south by Kezig, Ieglia, and Braeque. Skanzia is the second most populous state in Thenia (after Ghazeen) and is known for its tolerant and liberal social attitudes: in fact, their liberal religious tolerance laws meant that the Pure and Unsullied felt safe enough to settle there after being expelled from most other states. Skanzia has well-supported public institutions that mean other Thenians have slowly made their way there; Skanzia is now almost as populous as Ghazeen.


Skanzia is headed by a Premier, who is elected from the Assembly, Skanzia's parliament. The Assembly must pass all laws with 2/3 vote, and each member of the Assembly is elected every five years. Several different political parties make up the Assembly, the the make-up of the parliament changes every election. In cases where a 2/3 majority cannot be reached, the issue goes directly to the people, and statewide elections take place.

Demography and Population

12 million


Freedom of religion is allowed in Skanzia. The Followers of the Seven Divine have the most followers, with 45% of the population, while Voetian is closed behidn at 35%. The Pure and Unsullied make their home only in Skaniza and make up less than .5% of the population. 19.5% of Skanzians do not identify with any of those religions.

Foreign Relations

Skanzia has the best relationships with Keshea and Oscein, its direct neighbor to the south and north, respectively.

Agriculture & Industry

Skanzia has more fertile land than other Thenian states give it credit for: it's able to have a fairly hjigh level of agriculture. There is also thriving tourism and logging industries.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Iron, root vegetables, wood, grain, livestock
Major Imports
Fruits, some vegetables
Legislative Body
The legislative branch of Skanzia is the Assembly; they alone can create laws. Laws are voted on, and a 2/3 majority must agree.
Judicial Body
The judicial branch is headed by the Assembly; a jury trial is allowed for all accused.
Executive Body
The executive branch is headed by the Premier, who is elected by the Assembly.
Neighboring Nations

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