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Ghazeen is state in the country of Thenia. It is the southernmost state of Thenia, and is bordered on the north by Keshea, on the west by Votha, and Trece Isla is situated off of Ghazeen's eastern coast. It is a land of cold and hot deserts, with two major deserts on its southern and eastern coasts. However, Ghazeen is also famous for its large Lake Artemisia, a beautiful natural lake that serves as a sort of oasis for desert dwellers. Ghazeen is Thenia's most populous state and is famous for its welcoming attitude towards others. The seat of the Thenian Society is located in Ghazeen's capital of Chisin.


Ghazeen is a constitutional monarchy, led by the Reza Court and the Great Ghazeen Chamber. The Ghazeenian Grant was signed in xxxx, and gave the people of Ghazeen the Great Ghazeen Chamber. However, the Reza Court, who has been in power for over 250 years, has only occasionally needed to be reminded of when they overstep.

Public Agenda

Ghazeen is the most populous of Thenia's countries, and perhaps it's most welcoming. People in Ghazeen believe that everyone has the right to a steady, happy home and thus welcome outsiders with open arms.

Demography and Population

13 million (the most populous country in Thenia)


Freedom of religion is allowed in Ghazeen. The Followers of the Seven Divine have the largest number of followers (45%), while Voetian is closed behind at 35%, and Ravka has the smallest number, with 10%. The other 10% does not identify as one of those religions.

Agriculture & Industry

Ghazeen's climate doesn't allow for much agriculture, but Ghazeenians are able to grow corn, cotton, and rice to some extent, as well as oranges and lemons.


Ghazeen has a well-maintained infrastructure that is tested frequently by the great many people that travel throughout the country,
Founding Date
Geopolitical, State
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Palace economy
Major Exports
Spices, liquors, exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as tapestries, paintings, and other art.
Major Imports
Vegetables, some fruits, grains, and livestock.
Legislative Body
The Great Ghazeen Chamber, an elected body, writes the laws of the lands.
Judicial Body
The Great Ghazeen Chamber handles the judicial process.
Executive Body
The Reza Court is the executive branch of Ghazeen; they hold marginal power, although their power is eclipsed by the Great Ghazeen Chamber's, as it's meant to be.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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