Wildbourne Woods

Warning: mentions of suicide below
  Wildbourne Woods is a large forest located in the Thenian state of Kezig. Wildbourne Woods is known for the Whispers, a phenomena that occurs only in that location. The Whispers make these woods both revered and avoided in equal turn, and it's said that one should never enter the forest alone, lest one join the Whispers.


Wildbourne Woods is located in the southwestern part of Kezig. It's a large forest and covers several thousand acres. Many different trees exist in this forest, including many native only to Thenia, such as the Salixna and Silvanus. Because of the thick canopy of trees, it tends to be cold in the forest, as well as incredibly dark. Kezig does not block access to the forest, but several huge signs are posted to warn visitors of the dangers of the forest.

Localized Phenomena

Wildbourne Woods is famous for the Whispers, a phenomenon unique to this area. The Whispers are best described as auditory hallucinations of people speaking even if you're alone, or no one visible is speaking.   Many theories abound to what the Whispers are: some contend it's ghosts of those that have died in the forest, while others believe it's simply the unique flora producing the sounds. Some yet believe a curse was placed on the forest, and those trapped by the curse are pleading for help. Although many have gone to investigate the sounds, no definitive conclusion has been reached.   Unfortunately, the Whispers are said to be the cause of the dozens of death that occur in the forest. Many of these deaths are suicides, and it's said the Whispers cause people to become suicidal. A large amount of accidental deaths occur in the forest, and legends tell the Whispers led those poor unfortunate people to their deaths.

Natural Resources

Most Thenians will not use any sort of material that comes from the Wildbourne Woods, lest it be cursed or imbued with Dark Magic (there is no evidence anything in there is, but the rumors persist). However, there is a rather small trade involved in things made from materials from the forest; some believe the forest's power makes them stronger.


People do visit the Wildbourne Woods as tourism, but Kezen authorities warn against it. Because of its size, the authorities are unable to block access, but it is illegal to enter the forest alone.
Alternative Name(s)
Whispering Woods
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