Kazza Hallow (KAZ-zuh HAL-low)

Kazza Hallow is a magician and the current Solomonar from Kezig. Largely a user of Dark Magic, he is extremely powerful.

Physical Description

Physical quirks

Nico has complete heterochromia: one eye is blue and the other is green. This is his Solomonari magica.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kazza Hallow was born on 15 Magusi 4575 in Skruj Drae, Kezig. Because Kazza was born with a caul, his birth was considered good luck in Kezig, but in other states of Thenia, this would be considered an ominous start.   However, Kazza had a perfectly happy childhood living in Skruj Drae with his parents, Milos and Imani, his older brother, Mikhai, and his younger twin sisters, Elia and Rena. From an early age, it was obvious Kazza was a magician, as he had magic and no one else in his family had in the last three generations. Kazza attended the local magician school in Skruj Drae and intended to stay there until he graduated. However, when Kazza was 11, he was tested by the upper magic schools and to his surprise, he was accepted into the prestigious Scholomance. Kazza was truly uncertain if he wanted to attend, as that would mean moving away from his family (whom Kazza was very close to), but tragically, Kazza's family was killed in a botched robbery when Kazza was not at home. This devastated him, but ultimately, he had nothing to tie him to Skruj Drae anymore and so he decided to attend the Scholomance. His paternal uncle, Andrei, became his guardian while he is not at the Scholomance.


Kazza wishes he knew.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kazza's admittance to the Scholomance was the biggest accomplishment of his life (thus far).

Mental Trauma

Kazza suffers from the traumatic event of losing his entire family, whom he was very close to. In many cases, it's caused him to feel isolated and alone, although he lives with his uncle, Andrei, when not at the Scholomance.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kazza is extremely intelligent: he reads voraciously, so he has a wide breadth of knowledge. He also has an excellent memory so he's able to recall spells and facts quickly. Ultimately, Kazza's intelligence is one of his main strengths.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kazza is extremely proficient at magic and has been since he was a child. It takes little practice for Kazza to master magic, and he very often is the quickest to learn whatever magic the Solomonari are attempting to learn.

Vices & Personality flaws

Show spoiler
Kazza is going to to through a bit of a villain arc; he'll contract Corruption and then sort of go crazy before being ultimately redeemed.


Contacts & Relations

Kazza largely gets along with and highly respects all of the members of the current Solomonari. However, his relationship with Sarai Amira is usually tenuous, at best. (Although that's the case with many of the other Solomonars as well.)   Within the group, Kazza is closest to Nina Balazs. Because she is Vothan, they feel a kindred relationship with one another (as Kezig and Votha are closely allied and the most alike culturally). He's also especially close with Zara Ghazali and Akiva Sky. However, he would count all of the other Solomonars (including Sarai) as some of the most important people he'll ever have in his life.

Family Ties

Kazza was extremely close to his family before they died, and their tragic deaths have affected him greatly. Currently, Kazza has no other family except his paternal uncle, Andrei, whom he is also very close to and likes to see as often as he can manage.

Religious Views

Kazza is an ardent Ravkan. He believes deeply in the religion, although he doesn't judge those that don't. Like many Ravkans, he is wary of other religions because of their persistent persecution of Ravkans.

Wealth & Financial state

Kazza inherited his family's assets when they died. His parents were not rich, but he lives comfortably. Overall, money is not a problem for Kazza, as his uncle, Andrei, is quite wealthy and could also help Kazza financially, if needed.
Current Location
Date of Birth
15 Magusi
Year of Birth
4575 17 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
Male (he/him)
Kazza has complete heterochromia: his right eye is blue and his left eye is green.
Dark brown, usually worn combed back
187.96 cm (6'2'')
75.7 kg (167 lbs.)

Cover image: Thenia cover by Pyrrha/Canva


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