Ravenscar is a massive chasm that spans hundreds of miles of Braeque. Starting at the Mines of Voetia, it stops just short of the city of Lebatrea. Theories abound about the origin of the great chasm, but no definitive answers exist.   Deep within the abyss, lava and noxious gases mix to create an oppressive atmosphere that blights the land around the chasm.


Ravenscar is a several hundred mile long chasm that runs along the state of Braeque. As far as Thenians can tell, it is a deep chasm full of lava, noxious gases, and other dangerous features, making it very dangerous to people. No living things (as far as Thenians know) can live in or around Ravenscar, making it an eerily quiet place, save for the sounds of lava crackling. A long road runs about a mile from the scar and runs the entire width, in Braeque's attempt to police it, but no amount of Braque security can stop the illegal activities (mostly illegal tours) that occur at Ravenscar. Getting close to the chasm is illegal, but those that have speak of the unnatural heat, rotting odor, and absolute feeling of dread.

Localized Phenomena

The Ravenscar is unlike anything else in Thenia. Very little flora and fauna can live near it, due to its heat and noxious gases that permeate the area. People always speak of a feeling of perpetual dread when near Ravenscar, although it's uknown if this is simply a normal psychological reaction to a frightening place or an actual effect of Ravenscar.

Fauna & Flora

As far as the people of Thenia know, not much can survive in or around Ravenscar. One theory of Ravenscar's origin is that a giant dragon (or dragons) are chained below; however, this is mostly a story told to children to explain the unexplainable.


Ravenscar has been mentioned on every map of Thenia since far before it became Thenia. Based on this, Thenians know that the chasm is slowly growing; it seems to gain about a mile a year.


People travel far and wide to see Ravenscar, although the government of Braeque keep tight control on the type and amount of tourism it allows. Small groups are allowed to traverse the areas around Ravenscar, but a tight radius of a mile is kept around it to ensure people's safety.   However, there is a thriving business of illegal tours, that promise the up close excitement that official tours supposedly don't. Dozens of people die a year on these "tours," but the sheer size of Ravenscar means that these buisnesses are rarely without clients. Those caught operating and/or attending the tours are subject to fines and imprisonment.   Incidentally, people also like to utilize Ravenscar to dispose of things that may not want others to find.

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