Dred Remains

The Dred Remains is an extensive area of ruins located right outside the city of Vega Dred in the Thenian state of Kezig. Although the actual identity of the building is unknown, many Ravkans believe is was once the terrestrial home of the Defiled.   The Dred Remains is a popular tourist destination amongst Ravkans and non-Ravkans alike; even non-Ravkans can marvel at the millennia-old remains.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the building has been lost to time; only conjectures now remain.   Based on the building's layout, it's clear to many that it was a large residential estate; research has shown the remains of a cooking, eating, and sleeping areas. However, the building is far larger than any residential manor in Thenia, leading to doubt amongst some Thenians. Many Ravkans use this evidence to support their idea that this was the Defiled's home.   Some researchers posit that the building was once the large meeting hall of early Thenians; people have been in the area since the late 700s. It wouldn't be abnormal for early Thenians to band together and have a central meeting place, especially one so near Votha's border (although neither state existed at the time, there was war between the two groups). This theory is backed up by a large ampitheather-style room, where at least hundreds go gather.


It's unknown if the building has undergone any alterations; now, alterations are for maintenance only.


The only sort of architecture that is for certain is the material used to build it: various stones from various areas of Thenia were used to construct this building.   Fifteen separate rooms have been identified, with six room's intended purpose (fairly) obvious. Two of the rooms have fire and food remnants, so they were clearly some kind of kitchen. One of the rooms is very large, with room to have a huge table in the center; remnants of the stone table have survived, and researchers think this was some kind of eating area. One room (by far the largest) is a gathering room of some sort: the ruins of stadium-like seating point to this being a massive meeting area for at least a few hundred. Another room was clearly storage, as remnants of all sorts of items have been found there. Lastly, there is some kind of receving room; it seems as though there was a large citadel surrounded by seats. No one of the furniture has survived.   It's clear that when it was standing, the building would have been a massively beautiful building.


The Excori are responsible for the protection of the ruins. There are usually very few problems with this, but to detract from those hoping to play a prank or destroy something Ravkan-related, the Excori place numerous protection spells around the ruins to ensure they can be enjoyed for many more years to come.


The building's construction date, owner(s), and purpose are unknown; as mentioned, many Ravkans believe this was the Defiled's terrestrial home. This is backed up by a few details: first, as mentioned, many researchers believe this was a residential house for someone fabulously wealthy and poewrful; none of the materials or labor required would have been at all easy to procure prior to the last thousand or so years. Second, the ruins are almost directly at the mouth of the River of the Defiled; it's always been said that the the Fall of the Corrupted occurred right on the shores of the river, and in fact, the house seems to point to stories that say the Defiled did live right on the banks of the River. Lastly, some of the ruins have writing on them (that's mostly untranslated) in which the only words recognized are the pre-Thenian words for Ravka, the Corrupted, and the Creator.


Tourism from both Ravkans and non-Ravkans is popular at the Remains; even if other Thenians think that Vega Dred isn't a particularly good tourism destination, some will break from their trip to other Kezen cities just to the Remains. Besides the Great Temple of Coscarra, the Dred Remains are the oldest in Thenia.   The Dred Remains are controlled by Ravka, who also make sure of its maintenance and protection. There is no cost to see the ruins, although a tour is only the cost of a small donation.
Approx. 2000
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