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New Year, New Resolutions

Always the journey, never the destination. - Simon Rattle
  Last year has led to some very interesting places in my writing. I got into a new world and everything, expanding my horizons more than ever. So now, here we are at the beginning of a new year, and the idea is to make a resolution to improve. Of course, that problem is often complex, especially as time progresses, but it counts for something as long as we try. But enough about it. It's time to talk about writing, which is preferable to other people’s rights that have stood out and piqued my interest. All in all, this is to help me improve on what my work needs and keep myself in touch with other writers in the community; after many readings and minor headaches from reading overloads, these are the articles and their writers that have stood out amongst the crowd, so look out their new competition in town people.  

The Word Bearers - Guardians of the Holy Scripture

  By Darksieid  
The Word Bearers - Guardians of the Holy Scripture
Military Formation | Dec 26, 2023

Ancient Protectors of the Holy Truth

  While I have written about many military groups, this one stood out because of the religious fervor surrounding it. The history and the mixture of devotion and insanity show that not all fighting forces can be entirely trusted if they are stuck in a dogmatic culture. Some of the quotes in it are just as bone-chilling to read them out loud. I got some ideas to create more intriguing groups that are not as black and white but have a greater depth of culture.  

The Epiginoi

  By Callyxtus  
The Epigonoi
Military Formation | Jan 29, 2024

A famous military unit from the Kingdom of Brire

  The epic tale of a band of warriors of a military formation with a sense of grandeur that I have only read in a few other articles. Everything about their origins and the battles that they have fought makes it feel like an epic from the days of old that allows them to stand out in the annals of history. Plus, the fact that they are all half-elves makes them way more skilled, with several decades of combat under them. This has made me think of expanding into the more fantastical areas of military forces, as I have been trying to keep them more realistic in most of my writing.  

The Universe of Agia

  by PanthersEye  
The Universe of Agia
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 30, 2023
  This is an excellently made article about the makeup of the existence of a world by thoroughly flushing out what lies beyond it by explaining the celestial bodies within it. Along with adding the stories of how they were created during creation, they often contradict themselves due to religious implications between different groups. Documented through holy texts, each one explains why they were created or what resulted in it, which is intriguing. I have done very few articles on things that lie beyond the world's sky, which has given me the idea to expand upon all things celestial.  

The Lost's Guide to Surviving the Feywild

  by notahumanhand  
The Lost's Guide to Surviving the Feywild
Document | Dec 18, 2023

A book outlining the do's and don't's of navigating the feywild

  This an intriguing little survival guide to the ins and outs of the infamous survival Feywald and to ensure that those who end up here can get out alive as long as they read this document. While it never really got any attention from a wider audience, those who do read it will better understand this land and its inhabitants to better traverse through it and what not to do if they ever want to get back home. This has given me a greater desire to create documents such as guides and books to give greater detail to my writing.  


  by SpyglassRealms  
Item | Dec 5, 2023

A bizarre, unpalatable food paste whose only redeeming quality is convenience.

  Reading this has made me remember that not all foods are enjoyable; they are only meant to keep you alive. This is true should one find themselves in the cold reaches of space with nothing else to eat. Reading this does not make your mouth water but makes your stomach turn, giving you a more realistic understanding of some of the disappointing foods you have tasted. This has given me the idea of creating foods such as not everything someone should eat is satisfying, but unpleasant or even painful for that matter.  

Sugarflurry Skirmish

  by EmilyArmstrong  
Sugarflurry Skirmish
Plot | Dec 22, 2023

Be the last player standing in this sugar-infused battlefield.

  It is a fun little plot that is pretty much a snowball fight only with gingerbread men, complete with rules that can be played right at home. Along with having a bit of background behind that game with dice rolls, it shows a large amount of depth and dedication to what it means to it and a whole knew meaning to the use of the plot article. I have written very few plots since I joined World Anvil, often not wanting to create too many spanning ideas, but maybe all I needed was to create something much smaller instead.  

First Spell

  by KajetanWrites  
First Spell
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 5, 2023

Tradition related to the first time a magically gifted child casts a spell

  It is a nice little tradition for those who first experience magic in their life with nothing too grand and public for all to see. While not as long as I would expect, that is not the idea, as it is meant to solve a problem and aid those trying to develop their magic without any problems in the future. However, it does create bonds between friends and family for it to become a special moment for everyone to experience. This has given the idea to just make smaller articles rather than very long ones to get the point across.  

Monster Hunting

  by Mochimanoban  
Monster Hunting
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 14, 2024

The rich folk of Daglaci are melting the ice that holds up each and every city on the planet. The poor are forced to clean up their mess, when monsters from below emerge to slaughter the entire planet's population.

  A tradition with an unexpected twist to it, as the poor are made to fight monsters that the rich do not know what to do. It is not glorious nor pays well, as it is just done to exploit people to try and solve a problem. Greatly explaining that reason and the dangers of going on these hunting expeditions, making it all the more horrifying how many people have been led to their deaths because of it. It also shows the various creatures they are hunting with some vivid imagery of them to show how real the threat is. Gave me the idea of making much more grittier ideas of occupations that people don't like but have to do.  

Thunder Theatre

  by Satrium  
Thunder Theater
Building / Landmark | Jan 27, 2024
  This fascinating article is about a building in a gladiatorial arena for magic users in fierce fights to entertain the masses in wonderous displays of magical fitness mixed with physical prowess, along with a well-detailed design of the theatre and the levels that come with it to separate the worst to best seats to be able to see all the action. The force field for protection is a nice touch, too, as no one wants a stray fireball to wipe out a part of the audience; it is just bad for business. This has made them want to create more fantastical buildings and crazy ideas surrounding them.  

Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist

  by MelissaPlaysRPGs  
Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist
Character | Dec 18, 2023
  When managing an entire world, one should have a helping hand when they need it, especially when it is a charming A.I. to boot. This helpfully recorded keeper aids his master by maintaining everything that comes into being in this expansive world that she continues to create and expand. Maintaining a constant vigil on the world, he has been given charge of ensuring the goal of his creator is within reach, as well as interacting with those capable of reaching him by ascending beyond their current understanding of existence. This has made me want to expand more on the side characters surrounding specific individuals to flush out their understanding of them and their reasons for being around them better.

Honorable Mentions

  Here are some articles worth reading so they do not fall into the cracks.  
Davatviia Apothecary Shop
Building / Landmark | Dec 19, 2023

A cozy one-stop shop for herbs, potions, and...poisons?

Easgrimm - The Consumer
Character | Dec 20, 2023
Arastoo, The Eternal Archivist
Character | Dec 18, 2023
Duelist's Proof
Item | May 10, 2024

"Don't challenge a Duelist. Trust me..."

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