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Davatviia Apothecary Shop

You approach a medium-sized building made of rough stone and dark wooden walls. A raven statue judges you from atop the gabled roof, its eyes piercing yours. The windows are shuttered to keep out the frigid mountain air, but out of one second story window, two dark-haired girls peer down, their eyes wide with curiosity. You push the heavy door open and the scent of dried herbs rushes over you. A fire crackles in the fireplace to the right, and to the left, a woman with a wide smile and wavy black hair beckons you closer. She is standing behind a counter laden with papers, books, and glass jars, and you know you have come to a very interesting place, indeed. This is where the sick are healed, the weak grow strong, and a bit of magic lingers in every potion bottle.


The Davatviia apothecary shop sits at the edge of Davatviia and is run by Aviisera Da'Yashkii and her two daughters, Ivadryn Da'Krithera and Kianakae Da'Krithera. The shop supplies herbs, herbal remedies, potions, and medical supplies, but trusted customers will also find poisons among the stock. Aviisera and her daughters live upstairs in the cramped but cozy space. Sekhavi shops typically do not accept coin, as their economy is based around trading, but as the shop grew in popularity, Aviisera began to accept other currencies.



Apothecary Shop
Apothecary shop exterior (Midjourney)
The outside of the shop is consistent with Sekhavi architecture, with wooden walls, a stone foundation, and an elaborately carved gable roof. The windows are small to keep the cold out and have thick wooden shutters. It is a well-insulated building and has undergone numerous renovations to ensure it can withstand the extreme mountain weather. It sits against the side of the Davat Mountain, like most of the buildings in Davatviia, and stone steps lead up to the entrance. Several potted plants sit outside in warmer months and Aviisera can be seen tending to them when she is not busy. The shop is on the far right edge of Davatviia, which has always been a significant concern in medical emergencies when a more central location would be preferable.  

First Floor

Upon stepping inside the shop, a customer will find themselves in a dark room with wooden walls, a low ceiling with wooden beams overhead, and spruce floors. The smell of herbs immediately comforts the soul, and it is not hard to see why, as half of the room's walls are lined with shelves upon which hundreds of containers of herbs sit. On the left side, there is a wooden counter, then a flight of stairs leading to the second floor, then the door to the room where any sick patients sleep. There are two beds in this room and a long table in the middle. On the right side of the shop, there is a bookshelf, then a fireplace, then a door leading down to the basement, then a small closet in which a chamber pot is stored. Shelves run along the first half of the shop, from the wall behind the counter, to the front door, and all the way to the right side of the fireplace, with cabinets sitting beneath.  

Second Floor

The wooden table in front of the fireplace had been stacked high with bread, cheese, root vegetables, berries, rice, a bottle of spiced wine, and of course, the promised pot of goat stew with fresh herbs sprinkled on top. There were five place settings at the table with the cloth napkins Ivadryn had embroidered years ago. A vase holding laurel and snapberries sat in the center of the table, and Mother had even tied a blue ribbon around it. Mother stood over the stove, her black curls tied back, tending to a pot of gravy while handing Kianakae the last plates of food. Dinner was almost ready.
-The apothecary shop (Gravemaiden)
Ivadryn and Kianakae's Bedroom (Midjourney)
The Da'Krithera family lives above the shop and the upstairs area is accessible by an angled flight of stairs to the right of the counter. There is a large kitchen with storage and a cooking fire, as well as a carved wooden table to eat at. The bedrooms are past the kitchen, with Aviisera's bedroom on the left and Kianakae and Ivadryn's shared bedroom on the right.   The shop originally did not have a second floor, but a previous apothecary requested the addition when the downstairs space became too cramped for her growing family, but she did not want to live in a separate house in case her gravely ill patients required attention in the middle of the night.
Davatviia Apothecary Shop
Davatviia Apothecary Shop (Midjourney)
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