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About and Credits

About This World

  Istra is a playground for my mind. It has been in development since about 2013 and started with Ivadryn Da'Krithera and Damion Torag. The start of their story is finally being told in Gravemaiden, my most recent novel (of sorts?). What began as a creative writing exercise with a friend is now a fully-fledged world. Character backstories turned into pages of content on cultures, nations, geography, and everything that would become Istra. I even expanded into the southern continent and imagined four more nations. The world evolved and will continue to do so. I encourage you to check out the world meta, too!   99% of this work is my own, but that 1% cannot go without credit. With that, I would like to thank Silverstrike for his creative input during the early part of this worldbuilding journey. Although the project has been left in my hands, his ideas live on through the characters of Damion Torag, Kaji Damaka, Tyger Kalli, and Taavi Dor'Ghaenisk, as well as the nations of Kieruska (formerly Asharr), Elevirak, and Bolaan. I have greatly expanded upon his ideas, and I thank him for his inspiration.

About the Writer

  I am Lady Arsenik, a writer and creator of worlds. I have been writing for many, many years and will continue to do so until my fingers no longer function. I have a particular love for developing fictional cultures, histories, and characters. My favorite culture I've created is Sekhav. It's so beautiful and haunting and sometimes I wish I could live there.   This world is used for my personal writing, and when I edit it a bit more, it'll be available. My current work is Gravemaiden, which tells of the backstory of Ivadryn, Kianakae, and Damion as they grow up together in Sekhav. If you want to see what I've been writing, check out the Stories Within Istra.

Asset Credit

  Photos are typically from Unsplash and are free to use for noncommercial purposes. The artist is stated underneath each one.   The remainder of images are AI generated from Midjourney or Artbreeder. I have tried to limit my use of AI images to instances where photos or art that I found did not specifically fit my vision.   If you see your art and would like for it to be taken down, please let me know, and it will be removed.

General Help

  Thanks to...   Satrium for their CSS tutorial for the glossary and tagging system   The lovely people in the World Anvil discord server for their support and help along the way!
Ivadryn Da'Krithera (Dream AI)


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