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Stories Within Istra

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD. Do NOT advance if you have any interest in reading my manuscripts (which I probably will not reveal for a long may proceed)
CURRENT STATUS: 40% through writing Gravemaiden

The Awakening Harthaen Arc


  While technically Book 1, this is more of a prequel. It covers Ivadryn Da'Krithera, her twin sister Kianakae Da'Krithera, and Damion Torag, a soldier boy far from home. It covers the years of 14078-14083, with Ivadryn and Kianakae being 11-16 years old and Damion being 14-19. It takes place in Davatviia within Sekhav and is a coming of age story.   While the POV is from all three of their perspectives, Kianakae is arguably the focal point, being the Gravemaiden. She wants to leave Davatviia and travel the world, have adventures, and bring wealth to her struggling family, but she is believed to have great powers that will help her people. She is chosen to be a Gravemaiden, or a guardian of the goddess' grave.   Her sister, Ivadryn, is training to follow their mother Aviisera Da'Yashkii's footsteps as an apothecary. Ivadryn is content to live a quiet life in the mountains, but a small part of her wonders if there is more to life.   Damion arrives in Davatviia as a merchant caravan guard, but is sentenced to remain there to be judged after he is accused of killing the village blacksmith. Aviisera saves his life and takes him in. He and Kianakae form a strong bond, even after Damion is permitted to leave Davatviia. He becomes an assassin in order to advance his mining business, earning Ivadryn's distrust.   Everything goes sideways when Aviisera dies and Ivadryn discovers that she is the gifted twin, not Kianakae. She has the power to manipulate poison, though she has no idea how to do so. After a heated argument with Damion, Kianakae tries to run away from Davatviia. Ivadryn later finds she has been murdered, presumably by Damion. In one final confrontation, Ivadryn defends herself using her newfound poison manipulation abilities but Damion escapes. She vows to hunt him down.  


  I have the very rough plot decided for Book 2, but beyond that, not much else. This will be set in the year 14086 when Ivadryn Da'Krithera is 19 and Damion Torag is 22. It will take place after Ivadryn trains with her mentor and she tracks Damion down to Kieruska. I'm really excited to write something set in Kieruska because PIRATES. There's a confrontation and Ivadryn fights as well as she can, but Damion has also grown stronger. Finally he convinces her that he is innocent and that he has also been trying to track down the person who killed Kianakae. Luxanis is the clear villain, but there is someone behind her. An entire holy Order, in fact, that intended to use the Harthaen to control the people, but it got very out of hand. Damion trains Ivadryn to become an assassin, something she is reluctant to do, but will her desire for revenge outweigh her moral compass? It will end in Luxanis being defeated...somewhat. Also, there will be lots of enemies-to-lovers tropes and a very slow burn. Many new characters will be introduced, such as Asher Keltan, Tyger Kalli, Taavi Dor'Ghaenisk, Sunniva Sikennyr, Lucaeron Vanthaxol, Ataciara Saroven, Kaji Badavashak, and so on.


  I know very little about this book, but it will focus more on Mavenna Valyxo, the dying girl who received Luxanis' soul after it was cast out. Mavenna is a scientist, but she is unsure of how to handle her new powers. Ivadryn and Damion seek her out in Lieretsa and they have to go to Althain to take down the Big Baddies: the Knights of Althain. The entire world will be watching.

The Harthaen Hunting Arc

Something Else???

  This is a project I scrapped but I really, really want to come back to after a big rework. It's the story of a Harthaen hunter named Rys Romaexara who seeks to bring glory back to her disgraced people. All I know is that she was imprisoned by the Knights of Althain and after their leader is killed, the guard presence is weak enough for her to make an escape. She is in Cauth, a land of cursed people who were once giant and mighty, almost like a human-dragon hybrid, but now are a shadow of their former selves. This will take place in Southern Istra with a whole new cast of characters...but perhaps some cameos.


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