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Ivadryn Da'Krithera

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"I want to break free of my armor, shatter these walls, and learn what it is like to truly be alive."


Ivadryn Da'Krithera is a Sekhavi herbalist and assassin in training. She was under the guidance of her now-deceased mother Aviisera Da'Yashkii, then took on the role of Davatviia's primary apothecary for a year until her twin sister Kianakae Da'Krithera's murder. This led to Ivadryn fleeing the village in order to pursue Damion Torag, who she believed was responsible. Shortly before Kianakae's death, Ivadryn discovered that she had the ability to manipulate poison and that she, in fact, was a Child of Vala. Her quest for vengeance led her to seek out training to hone her powers so that she might bring Damion down.   Ivadryn's defining characteristics are her tenacity, blunt manner of speech, and fierce passion for learning. She is one of a select few educated Sekhavi, thanks to her mother instilling her with the desire to read from a young age. Her initial desire was simply to help the people of Davatviia as an apothecary, but fate determined a different path for her. She and Damion later were instrumental in stopping Luxanis' plans to create an army of Harthaen.

Personal History

Ivadryn aged 16 (Midjourney)
Ivadryn was born on the 1st of Spiritmoon in the village of Davatviia in Sekhav. Her parents are Aviisera Da'Yashkii and Karthak Dor'Krithera . She is a member of the Frost Clan in the northeast region of the Sekhavi Mountains. She has a twin sister Kianakae Da'Krithera, that she was born an hour after, but the two were switched at birth and for the first sixteen years of her life, it was believed that Ivadryn was the older of the two. This meant that Kianakae was believed to have been granted the powers bestowed upon those born during Spiritmoon but in actuality, it was Ivadryn.   Her full name is Ivadryn Renakai Aviisa Da'Krithera of the Frost Clan. The name "Ivadryn" comes from the word ivadryss which translates to "mountain laurel." "Renakai" is a title that means "herbalist," given by the Sakasviiae to denote her role in Davatviia. "Aviisa" was chosen by Ivadryn in honor of her mother Aviisera, and was also chosen by her sister Kianakae.  


  From a young age, Ivadryn's mother Aviisera instilled the value of education in her children, having graduated from the University of Avamaris herself. Education was not forced on the Ivadryn or Kianakae, but highly encouraged, and Ivadryn always had a passion for learning. She quickly learned to read and write, speak Ancient and Trade dialects of the Sekhavi language, recall the history of Istra, and to do basic math. Her mother combined this classical education with the typical subjects a Sekhavi child would learn, such as religion, history, stories of their people, art, cooking, sewing, and survival skills.   The most important subject Ivadryn would learn was herbalism. Her mother taught her the properties of herbs both from the mountains and from other regions, along with how they were used, when and how to gather them, how to properly store them, and how to grow them in the basement of their shop. Ivadryn held a great respect for herbalism, just as her mother and her grandfather did, and soon became Aviisera's apprentice. Her mother also taught her the anatomy of the human body and how to treat and prevent ailements.   Ivadryn spent most of her childhood reading books in order to further her education. She was known throughout Davatviia for being an avid reader. Merchants who visited to trade with the village began to bring her additional books to read, perhaps out of kindness or mere curiosity regarding the rare educated Sekhavi girl. Most of her fellow Sekhavi did not read or write, and while some accepted Ivadryn and Aviisera's love for formal education, many were skeptical and viewed it as "lowlander influence" that would corrupt their isolated society.   After meeting Damion, Ivadryn asked him to teach her the Kieruskan language. Although languages did not come as easily to her as they did to Kianakae, she persisted in her studies.  


  Throughout her childhood, Ivadryn worked in her mother's apothecary shop in Davatviia. When she was younger, all she could do was help with drying herbs and other simple tasks, but Aviisera used this as an opportunity to teach her daughter the skills required of an apothecary. By age eight, Ivadryn was able to take care of the shop when her mother was away. She and Kianakae shared the responsibilities, and while both excelled, Ivadryn had a greater love for the science of herbs while Kianakae preferred the personal care involved in tending to the sick or injured. When Aviisera fell seriously ill in the year 14082, Ivadryn and Kianakae took responsibility of the shop, splitting the duties as they saw fit. Finally, when Aviisera was on her deathbed the following year, she granted Ivadryn full ownership of the apothecary shop.  


  Ivadryn is short-statured and moderately stocky, with wavy black hair, wide violet eyes, pale skin, and rosy cheeks. Her eyes are hollow and ringed with dark circles due to her chronic insomnia. She kept her hair long as a child, but after leaving Davatviia and training as an assassin, she opted for shorter hair that reached to her collarbone. Most people say she looks young for her age. Smiling does not come easily, and she often stares into space, lost in her own thoughts.  


  Ivadryn has a preference for neutral colors, especially black and white. She enjoys modest, simple clothing, but will embroider small designs here and there. In childhood, she wore thick furs and dresses with a black cloak over them (called a traesak) in the typical Sekhavi fashion. Upon heading south as a young adult, she opted for lighter clothing that would help with her frequent heatstroke. Her favorite outfit is a short-sleeved white shirt with a black underbust corset, along with a mid-thigh length black skirt, fitted black pants, and black laced-up boots. Even in warmer climates, Ivadryn wears her traesak. It is difficult for her to completely part ways with traditional Sekhavi clothing.  

Accessories & Equipment

  All Sekhavi wear a pendant with a single jewel in the center with their name and hometown etched into the back. Ivadryn is no exception, and her jewel is an amethyst, symbolizing peace and serenity. When her mother Aviisera died, Ivadryn was given her silver wedding ring, which she wears on her right index finger. As an apothecary, Ivadryn keeps a satchel of potions and poisons on her person, along with a vial holder strapped to her belt.


Ivadryn lives in her own head and has a rich inner world. She feels misunderstood by others and retreats within herself to escape the difficulties of life around her. Her outer shell is tough to break through and she can appear to be aloof or rude, often speaking bluntly. Those who are deemed worthy will find that Ivadryn is passionate, imaginative, and fiercely protective of her values. She is an INFJ and an enneagram type 6w5.  
"What would it feel like   To put this baggage down?   If I'm being honest   I'm not sure I'd know how."
-"Six" by Sleeping at Last

Morality & Philosophy

    Ivadryn adheres to the gods' teachings and strives to preserve order in the world, much like her chief goddess Vedrasva. In accordance with her religion, murder is to be punished by death, unless it is in self-defense. As Ivadryn grows older, she faces the greatest moral dilemma: is murder wrong if it is for a greater good? She is not a pacifist, however, and kills in self-defense without a second thought. Ultimately, she decides that the ends justify the means.  

Mental Trauma

  Ivadryn continually suffers from depression, despite taking herbal remedies for it. She also experiences insomnia, which worsens as she grows older. As a result, she has dark circles under her eyes and appears pale and worn. Following Kianakae's death, Ivadryn's primary struggle is with post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor's guilt, and extreme grief. She feels that she could have done more to prevent her sister's death. In addition, although she supressed much of her grief from her mother's passing, Kianakae's murder brought those feelings to the surface. Overall, the events of 14082 and 14083 effectively broke Ivadryn.  


  When Ivadryn lived in Sekhav, her goal was to follow in her mother's footsteps as an apothecary. She wanted a simple, quiet life in the mountains. Her intent was to help her people and spend her free time learning as much as she could. Later, she decided to attend the University of Avamaris as her mother did, but family matters called her back home. After Kianakae's death, Ivadryn's goal drastically changed. She knew she needed to find her sister's killer in order to balance the scales of justice.   Beneath all of these goals lies a greater desire. All Ivadryn ever wanted was security. She seeks safety in knowing that she did the right thing. She pushes others away because she is comfortable being alone. Even if it meant leaving home, she could not rest with the knowledge that Kianakae's killer was to remain unpunished unless she took matters into her own hands. Her obsession with order and justice ties into her desire for security, as well. With the instability that came from living in the unforgiving mountains, the uncertainty of knowing whether her father was alive or dead, and the additional losses of her mother and sister, it is little wonder than Ivadryn longs for a comfortable life. Ultimately, it is why she quit life as an assassin as soon as her mission was finished.  

Strengths & Weaknesses


Likes & Dislikes







Religious Views

  Religion is incredibly important to Ivadryn. She learned much about the Sekhavi pantheon from her mother and became a devout follower of the Sakasteni religion. In every place she stays, Ivadryn's first order of business is to set up a shrine to the gods so that she never skips a day to leave them offerings. Being from the Frost Clan, her chief deity is Vedrasva, goddess of justice and mercy. Her religion guides her morality and is the main reason she is adamant to hunt down Kianakae's killer. The gods demand a life for a life, and she will not allow the scales of justice to remain unbalanced. She tries to avoid unnecessary deaths, and for this reason, she distrusts Damion after he becomes an assassin. She is extremely superstitious as well.   Ivadryn can sometimes appear to be overzealous and does not hide her faith, but rather, she mentions it in everyday conversation. Despite this, Ivadryn is tolerant of those who believe differently, unlike many Sekhavi. Her sister Kianakae didn't believe in the gods and Ivadryn guarded her secret closely. She never liked Kianakae's disbelief and often tried to show her that the gods existed, but in the end, she accepted her sister's convictions. This prepared her for her time outside of Sekhav when she lived among people who did not share her beliefs. In fact, Ivadryn is eager to learn about other religions, despite holding fast to her own.  

Manner of Speech




Poison Manipulation


Fighting Style

Date of Birth
1st of Spiritmoon
Year of Birth
14067 GY 16 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born a Child of Sakattea
Violet, oval, dark circles beneath
Black, silky, slightly wavy, shoulder length, medium thickness
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, dark circles under eyes, reddish cheeks
Ruled Locations

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