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Davatviia (dah-VAHT-vee-ah)

"Davatviia boasted no more than a single row of buildings that stretched along a rocky ridge that sheltered the village from the worst of the storms. The rocky eastern face of Davat Mountain loomed far above, treeless and bare, further protecting the village. Plenty of men had stood at the summit and returned to tell of the panoramic view from the top. It was a glorious place. It was home."  
-The first mention of Davatviia by Ivadryn Da'Krithera (Gravemaiden)


Davatviia is a medium-small village in Sekhav with a population of approximately 140 people. It is part of the Frost Clan in the northeastern region of the Sekhavi Mountains, where the land is cold and snow covers the ground for most of the year. Like many Sekhavi villages, it is a tight-knit community. It is ruled by three Vedraskiiae and a single Godhand. The village is situated on the eastern side of Davat Mountain and overlooks the northern part of the Ellekastri Valley, with a single road leading up from the valley and in front of a row of houses butted up against the rocks for protection.   Davatviia was established during the Great Settling period from 900-1140 Godyears when Sekhavi nomads began to settle in villages rather than wandering the mountains. It shares a similar story with many other villages. Two families agreed to join up and settle beneath the protection of Davat Mountain, and over time, their numbers slowly grew. It has remained a smaller and less influential village, but aside from the occasional famine, her people have survived in the harsh land. It is an easy stop for traders due to its proximity to the Ellekastri Valley, the path by which travelers venture deep into Sekhav, but the high altitude is a significant hurdle.
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Davatviia (Midjourney)
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~990 GY
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Jan 4, 2024 04:00

Sounds like a beautiful place. Nice opening quote!

Jan 4, 2024 17:55 by Lady Arsenik

Thank you! And almost all the quotes are straight from my manuscript/story I'm writing.