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Mercy is the name of Ivadryn Da'Krithera's silver dagger she has had since she was a child. It is simple in appearance, with the exception of the knotwork on the hilt and handle. The face of the goddess Vedrasva is on the pommel, symbolizing justice, order, and mercy. Ivadryn used the dagger from when she was eight years old and until she was nineteen. It was replaced by a dagger that Damion Torag had commissioned for her.


Mercy was given to Ivadryn by her father Krithak Dor'Krithera for her eighth birthday. It was made by a Mist Clan smith and Krithak had traded for it during one of his many journeys spent guarding merchant caravans. He taught his daughter how to use it for self-defense, but it also served as an all-purpose tool for cutting or slicing. During Krithak's absence, Ivadryn treasured the dagger, both as a reminder of her father and a source of protection, especially while alone in the wilderness.    For many years, Ivadryn's dagger had no name. She chose to name it Mercy after one of Vedrasva's core teachings, that there can be no justice without an equal balance of mercy. After her sister Kianakae Da'Krithera was killed, she swore she would kill whoever took her sister's life with Mercy. Despite training with magic, she still retained her knowledge of fighting with a dagger, since she didn't trust herself to fully rely on her magical abilities. Mercy saved Ivadryn's life several times, such as in a fight with a wolf, and wielding a dagger helped her ward off several bandits looking for an easy target.   After discovering that Damion was innocent and hadn't killed Kianakae, Ivadryn stopped using Mercy. It no longer served a purpose and it was replaced by Crimson Thorn.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
Unique, but many similar-looking ones exist.
1 lb
8.5 in, tip to pommel


Author's Notes

I was going to submit this for the "pointy" prompt but I think her current dagger, Crimson Thorn, fits that description better. Mercy is a humble little dagger that a little girl used to protect herself and her family while her father wasn't there to do so in her place.

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