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Sakasteni is the traditional religion of the Sekhavi people. It is based upon the worship of eight gods who rule over a specific area of nature. The gods currently slumber in their graves beneath the Sekhavi Mountains and are guarded at all times by a member of the eight clans. Each clan prays to a chief god or goddess and is responsible for his or her grave. It is believed that through devotion to the gods and respect for nature, the Sekhavi will not be held in the clutches of death, but brought back to life once the gods awaken.   Sakasteni has existed since the dawn of time, and Sakasvan's own children are said to be the first worshipers. They taught the Sekhavi how to pray and give offerings to their father and mother, then were exalted to godhood themselves.


  • Sakasvan: Sky-father. All creation, the sky, the celestial bodies. (The Sun Clan)
  • Attea: Aertha-mother. The planet Aertha, fertility, and motherhood. (The Forest Clan)
  • Fanskae: Youngest daughter. All plants, animals, and livestock. (The Valley Clan)
  • Korshak: Fanskae's husband. War, defense, honor, manners, discipline. (The Mist Clan)
  • Desvyna: Middle daughter. Music, poetry, song, creativity. (The Sky Clan)
  • Baasvi: Desvyna's husband. Work, commerce, trade, stone, and silver. (The Silver Clan)
  • Vedrasva: Eldest daughter. Order, justice, wisdom, mercy. (The Frost Clan)
  • Harthas: Vedrasva's husband. Slumber, dreams, prophecy, death. (The Night Clan)
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Sekhavi Pantheon
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