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The Epigonoi

Never in the history of warfare there has been such a trained, disciplined and brave force like the one of these half-elves from distant Teria. Whose deeds have indeed pay tribute to both of their parents. Warriors since the moment they were born destined to glory and greatness, with great sense of service to their country, their people and their Kings. When I saw them and their courage, I thought about the tales of the old heroes, the old kings of the elves and their struggles against dwarves and humans and I said to myself: The soldiers and heroes of those days most certainly had resemblance with these half-kin of ours.

This quote, by the Sun elf Prince and later king Lothiel, might be right. With decades if not hundreds of years of training and fight, the unit of 10.000 half-elf pikemen can possibly be the most experienced and trained unit in the continent of Teria. Their members have participated in battles in two continents and in at least 3 different climates, from temperate grass fields, to deserts and dense jungles. Such regiment has become a legend in the field of military history and its name is feared and respected across the land.


Some 10 years after annexing all the South, Boros the Great issue an edict, called the Edict of Evergetia. In which Boros The Conqueror ordered the creation of a regiment of 10.000 soldiers formed by the first mixed born sons of the first Oronai settlers of the territories he had conquered (basically the old elven Kingdom of Morythia and later the annexed kingdom of Sure). These 10.000 young half elves, should enter the army when they reached the half elf equivalent to 15 years old, be trained by Oronai officers in the Oronai style of pike warfare. These 10.000 new recruits would be called Epigonoi (which in oronai translates as ("The descendants") and the regiment would be an elite regiment inside the new army.

This decision made the Epigonoi a very strange regiment, in terms of composition, specially if compared with the regiments that were formed later. In the Kingdom of Brire, the Kingdom to which the 10.000 swore loyalty, had three types of regiments. First were the Oronai regiment, exclusively formed by Oronai settlers, which were the backbone of the army for the next 100 years. As the centuries past Mixed regiments could also be found, in which Oronai, half elves and native elves were trained in the Oronai art of war, and later there were also native regiments of elves armed and trained by the Oronai (most of this regiments were light and medium infantry, but there were some pike regiments of native elves were also created). But Half elves didn't have an exclusive regiment, as they were often enlisted in mixed regiments, so having a regiment exclusively formed by half elves was something strange, even exotic.


Born to fight

Since their childhood, some these future recruits were given a martial education by their now old parents (for the lucky ones that were born when their parents were really young, as Oronai reach adolescence when they are 30 years old, so most of these children lost their parents at a young age due to the difference in growth rate).

These parents were the veterans of the campaigns of Boros the Conqueror so the few lucky who got to train with them probably learned a lot of valuable lessons and stories about the deeds in battle of their parents, something that probably increase their pride as sons of the conquerors of the land.


As we have said, the half elf equivalent to 15 years old is when they reach the age of 30. At that time they should travel to the Royal capital Bazira with their birth certificates from the census attesting they were born after the edict was published to present themselves at the barracks of the Royal Guard to be selected as members of the new regiment of the Epigonoi.

They usually will be checked by a medic from the regiment and if they are fit to enter military service the new recruits are asigned to their new regiment and their new barracks.

Training stages

The first stage of training involves multiple exercises to strengthen the arms in order to the new soldiers to be able to hold a 7 meters long pike properly. The exercises are very similar if not the same to the ones practised at the gymnasiums across the Oronai world; like weight lifting, push ups...etc.

The second stage of the training consist of learning how to use the pike properly; wilding it correctly (how to raise it, carry it etc...) and how to effectively stub with it as well as how to defend yourself with your shield. In case the fight reaches hand to hand combat the phalangites also practice fighting with swords.

The last stage of the training consists of basic drill. The different blocks of pikemen of the regiment must coordinate with each other perfectly, they must know how and when should they change formation (for example to repel enemy cavalry)


At first the equipment of the Epigonoi was the same as the standard equipment of all oronai phalangite across the Oronai world. With a linen cuirass, a little shield, a short sword and a bronze or iron helmet. As time went on, their equipment improved, especially due to their elite status within the armies of the Kingdom of Brire. As time went on, their equipment improved, especially due to their elite status within the armies of the Kingdom of Brire. From the reign of Menander I onwards, many of the Epigonoi were provided with iron or bronze breastplates and capes of various colours (the elite soldiers of the Oronai armies wear brightly coloured capes).

Their shields, from the outset, bore various motifs, usually the effigy of the king, the eight-pointed star (symbol of the god Abbon Shabai), mythological scenes or geometric motifs.

Epigonoi in battle by Callyxtus
Their pikes are the standard 7 meters long pikes, which can be disassembled in the middle for easy transport. They also have a counterweight and a tip, so that they are easier to handle and can be stuck in the ground or used if the tip breaks off. As it has been said swords are used as a last resort in case of close combat.

Command structure

The command structure and organization of the Epigonoi regiment is similar to other regiments of the Oronai armies found in the five kingdoms that formed the so called "Oronai world", with the regiment divided into a phalanx block or Logos composed of 400 men (distributed in 20 rows of 20 soldiers each five blocks form a Taxeis and 5 taxeis form the entire regiment or "Synon" in the Oronai language.

While on campaign, this units are commanded by the king or the commander of the guard, and they always form on the right flank (which was considered the position of honour). Although in some battles, like during the War of the Great Call they formed at the centre of the phalanx holding the line despite successive waves of charges by the dark elf armies.


Battle Honours

The baptism of fire of this unit took place in 651 AP, against the Wesdalandian armies of king Mithradates II at the Second Battle of Eschate, where they destroyed the infantry and cavalry of GĂ©rome, duke of Montreil on the right flank. Their most important moment though came during the War of the Great Call specially during the battle of Alwalyz in 694 AP, where they formed at the centre of the half elf army holding the line and later on advancing with the rest of the pike blocks penetrating the dark elf infantry formations like a knife through butter.

Their courage and discipline were so admired by the Sun elf commanders, that they considered them as the best soldiers they had ever seen. The campaign in the distant lands of Unhelion made the regiment famous worldwide but it also took the lives of around 1234 of its members, experienced soldiers that would take time to replenish.

The regiment again attained glory in battle at the battle of Battle of the Saluvian Forest, almost a hundred years later. By that time, most of its members were almost 150 years old, (so in their 50s and early 60s if we compare them with human lifespan) but still they fought with distinction at the right flank, this time fighting fellow Oronai style pikemen who were mercenaries in the armies of Wesdalandian King Toryn II. The battle against them was tough but their discipline and veterancy make them stood their ground and finally routing the enemy phalanx.

After this battle, and following the victories of the Half-Elf coalition of the Kingdoms of Brire and Stormitia, most of the original 10.000 Epigonoi that had survived all these years, were discharged with honours and received a good pension. Many returned to their hometowns, where they opened businesses or donated the money to their children, and many became important figures in their home settlements. And finally, the rest of the Epigonoi settled in military colonies founded for them throughout the kingdom of Brire where they led a quiet life until the end of their days, tilling their land by themselves or with slaves, or renting it out to others.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation

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