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Boros The Conqueror

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Boros in his youth was very athletic and agile. He even participated in some of the most popular Games when he was a prince.

Facial Features

Diplomats, friends, and courtisans and people who had met the king claimed that Boros looked younger that what he really was. For example when he became king of Steplia he looked like a teenager. He usually dispplayed a shaved face, but from age 40 onwards he started to grew a little beard. 

Identifying Characteristics

The most striking feature of Boros were his light green eyes. Many veterans stated that when he looked at you it seems that he was looking into you and knew exactly what were you thinking. 

Special abilities

Boros's had some elementary knowledge of magic. He could set his sword on flames, and from his wife he learned the art of growing vegetables and plants thanks to magic, something that he used at an old age while decorating the Palace's gardens. 

Specialized Equipment

He had a magic sword, called the "Fire Machaira". It was called that because the king could cast an spell that set the tip of the sword on flames. It was said that this sword could melt iron and penetrate even the heaviest of armours. 

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Phagias in 531 AP to Magas the Great and his wife, Queen Kassandra. he was the youngest of the King's sons. He was educated by the best teachers of the kingdom. Acording to all the accounts he was a very good pupil, interested by everything from estrategy to music, athletics, mathematics or alchemy. He was a good athelete too competing in the Amynteia Games and winning the foot race and the charriot race which made him really popular among the commoners.
When he was 15, in 546 AP he joined his father alongside his brothers for the Second Albinian War in which a coalition of Oronai, Elves and Blatians expelled the last remnants of the barbarians who had invaded the Ikarian Empire and putting an end to its existance. He was sent to the East to the Kingdom of the Snow Elves with a force of 10.000 men to help King Alexius of Cloudia against the Nord Invasion. There he served with distinction and he remained a military asistant in the kingdom of Cloudia training the Cloudian forces for 2 years after which he returned to Oronia. In 552 he was sent to the Oronai gates in order to supervise the construction of the new fortifications. there he stoped various nomad raids and led a successfull punitive expedition northwards reaching almost the boundries of the Crorai. 7 Years later Magas's health started to deteriorate rapidly and in his last will he ordered the partition of the Empire, he died in 560 AP.
In the Partition of Phagias,the same year, the territories of the former Empire of the great King where divided among his sons. Archelaos, Magas's eldest son remained in Oronia proper, while his other brother Nicanor obtained the territories to the west of Oronia and Boros, the territories to the South. The agreement at first was peaceful, encouraged by his mother the Widow Queen Kassandra. Peace between brothers lasted until Kassandra died 5 years later in 565 AP. Meanwhile, some provincial governors, most of them former generals of the King who had held a lot of power during his final years decided to seek the oportunity and declared themselves kings of the territories they controled. The three brothers decided to create the Fraternal League in 561 AP to fight these generals in what are known as the Alliance Wars. During the First Alliance War (561-562 AP), the biggest enemy of the alliance was general Demetrios of Pheryas who had taken the territories of Southern Oronia. Boros sent a fleet across the Tysallis Fleet to fight the new threat and together alongside his brothers they defeated and killed Demetrios at the battle of Lessene (562AP).
In 565 Nicanor was overthrowned by a general called Nissander and managed to flee to Evergetia where he was recieved by Boros. The King of Steplia decided to gather a massive army and invade Sylvania and restore his brother, starting then the Second Alliance War (565-566AP). One year later, at the battle of Psalis he defeated Nissader and besieged the Sylvanian capital. Nissander commited suicide and Boros and Nicanor entered the city aclaimed as liberators.
The same year, the Elvish Kingdom of Sure, ruled by old King Brannias, asked Boros to intervene in a war against the other elvish realm of the region, Morythia, whose ruler, Balandryn was using dark magic to control the population and create a powerful army of slaves and monsters. On their way south of the Tysallis Sea, Boros's army had to dealt with the Second Tushpite rebelion in the Barbarian territories of the South. After pacifing the region in a short but bloody campaign he decided to surprise the evil elves by crossing across the most difficult path to their kingdom, the Allirian Mountains and, despite many difficulties, the snow and the extremely low temperatures, he arrived at the heart of Morythia.
In the first year of the War Boros captured around 100 cities and tried to link with the elves of Sure, but without success due to the resistance of the Morythians and the arrival of winter. After spending the winter in his cuarters at the foot of the mountains he renewed his offensive and in the fourth month of 568 he captured city of Mas Ayrien (today called Assasia) where he met the sorcerer Bradyn who offered their services in order to defeat the dark elvish king. Despite the Surean defeats at the end of that year a considerable portion of his army linked with him and after the winter of that year both armies faced the Morythian forces at the battle of the Lappyan Forest, which resulted in a total victory of the coalition and the death of their king. His kingdom then became part of the Kingdom of Steplia.
At the end of the campaign Boros reached the Sacred Grove at the forest of Banias, home to the sacred tree which mark the spot, acording to tradition of the birthplace of the godess Tyr, there he married Brannias's daughter, Eladdia. He then proceed to march to the south where he destroyed the last resistance of the Morythian who still were under their old king spell, reaching in the process the southernmost territories of Teria, there on the delta of the great river, he founded the city of Boria on the Delta and after reaching the coast he offer libations in honor of the gods and departed to his kingdom, victorious.
Two years later his first son was born, the future Amyntas I, and four years later his youngest son, Zoisos, the future Zoisos I, first king of Brire.

Rest of his reign:

The old territories of Morythia were incorporated into the Kingdom of Steplia and divided into Nomos (provinces) ruled by mostly Oronai nomarchs. The focus of the king during those years was to rebuilt the new conquered territories, made their new elven subjects happy while increasing the arrival of Oronai colonists who would help the Steplian Kingdom to control more effectively and also increase the urbanization. Dozens of cities were founded populated by Oronai veteran soldiers and newcommers. Also the process of mixture between elves and humans began fairly quickly.
North of the mountains a period of 10 years of peace and stability followed the king's southern campaigns. But in 578 the Alliance between the three brother kings ended when Nicanor, the king of Sylvannia died and was succeded by his 14 years old son, Cassander, while a regency was stablished by his mother, Queen Tabyris. It was at this momment that Archelaos I of Oronia, Boros's oldest brother, decided to strike and annex Sylvannia, beggining what Crysanthos, the veteran warrior called "the Wars of the World", almost a century of warfare between the successor states of Magas the Great's Empire.
Although smaller than Steplia, Oronia was still a very powerfull realm, and despite the initial difficulties, Boros was able to rescue Cassander and his mother and bring them to Evergetia . The war finally ended when a huge Steplian fleet landed in Southern Oronia, commanded by general Atarxias. Seeing the possibility of an Steplian siege of the Oronian capital, Phagias, Archelaos asked for peace, and in the Treaty of Magaspolis, upon the tomb of their father, the two monarchs agreed to return to the situation previous to the war, restoring Cassander to the Sylvanian throne. Also Oronia should pay war reparations to Sylvania and Steplia worth of 120.000 Myrelion.
In 581 Brannias died and his kingdom was inherited by Boros, who after that bore the title of King of Humans and Elves, this title was also reflected on the coins minted in the Southern territories. To conmemorate that event he founded the city of Bazira where he settled 200 Oronai families and 100 elven families.
He also stablished laws to regulate education and supervised the creation of public schools in the main cities of his kingdom and introduced legal reforms in the Oronai Law inspired by the Blatian Legal code.


In 596 AP, Boros was on a trip to visit the sanctuary at Banias when he suddenly felt ill. At first the king's health seem to improve, but a week after his health deteriorated rapidly, and although the best sages and medics were recalled to the Royal Palace nothing could be done, Boros died in his bed aged 65 years old, he had been king for over 36 years. After his body was embalmed following native elven traditions and placed on a silver carriage. His mortal remains traveled north. Crysanthos, the veteran warrior and some veterans of his army joined the funerary procession. Wherever his carriage passed, people mourned him and throw flowers to his coffin. At his arrival at Evergetia, the carriage entered the Royal Gate. Veterans of his army were also flanking each side of the streat, full armed, some aged 80! giving his fawerell to his beloved commander and king, as did thousands of citizens. His body was placed on the temple at the Acropolis of the city, while his heart (as he wished) remained in the sanctuary at the city of Banias.
- I was there Yuya, in front of the sarcophagus of the King when he was buried at the temple. I only cried publicly twice in my life, at the funeral of my first wife and my dearest son, and the other was at Boros's funeral. I said godbye to my leader, the man who I assisted and protect for many years before retiring. The only "high ranking" man that considered me a friend,regarding class or background, he didn't care!, he was a warrior!, we all fight and die and share the same experience, he had as many scars as me. The truth is that nobody expected his death, not even him... Gods, what would have been of this our world if he had lived longer!.
- Were you the only veteran there?
- Of course not!!. There were hundreds, lying on formation on the streets, full armoured, like ready for inspection. There was no single one of them who didn't cry like a little child. I saw an 80 years old man, he was around... 40 or 50 when the campaign in the South began, he had problems standing straight and his son had to help him. When the funerary charriot passed by in front of him he got in possition of attention, and putting his arm to his chest exclaimed: Leander son of Attalus, 4th regiment of Shield Bearers ready for duty and for saying farewell to you, sir!,but don't worry my king, I'll soon follow you for guarding your heavenly palace!.
Yuya and Crysanthos one night around a campfiring talking about Crysanthos's past.

When Boros became a God

  In 596 when Boros died his people was shocked and his successor, Amyntas I of Steplia declared him a God and built a magnificent temple-tomb for pilgrims to visit. His sarcophagus was made of crystal and gold. Soon people started to say that Boros's appeared to them and help them to cure themselves or to save them from enemies, even the King declared that his father, appeared like when he was young and saved him during a battle. Soon his cult became very popular and shrines were built in his honor across the land. His heart remained in a temple dedicated in his honor at Banias , at the bottom of his statue.
His divine simbols a e became the flamed sword and the thunderbolt
The Kings of Steplia instituted the festival of the Boria in which games and theatrical competitions where made and also military parades and offerings at the King's Tomb, at the Acropolis of Evergetia. This festival was also continued by his successors in Steplia and in the Elvish-Oronai kingdoms, in the latter the festival was held in Banias.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He consolidated the recently born The Kingdom of Steplia and built fortresses across the land and founded several cities. He is regarded as the first and greatest Steplian king.

Failures & Embarrassments

Although a great King, his ambition to unite the former Empire of Magas the Great  never came true, despite being very close to achieve it. He made war against some of the former generals of his father who named themselves kings as well as his brothers., but in the end, he didn't live enough and at the end of his life, he wasn't as energetic as in his youth and so, he tried to consolidate and strenghed his position rather that keep expanding.   One of his greatest achievements and legacies due to his conquest is the  formation of the Elvish- Oronai kingdoms two generations after his death and a distinctive elvish-oronai culture. He was the first Oronai King in many centuries to marry and elvish princess, and this custome was followed by not only some members of his court but also his soldiers who settle on those regions.  This symbiosis of cultures and races, unknown in other places in Teria, will shine for centuries to come!.

Personality Characteristics


Born to the greatest Oronai King of them all, Magas the Great, he was the youngest of all his sons. But he recieved the richest part of the kingdom when his father died. Off all his sons, it was said, Boros was the one that closest resembled Magas. Inspired by his father his motivation and goal in life was to be a great leader as him and he tried as hard as he could to reunite the former empire.

Virtues & Personality perks

Loyal to his friends and his men, as well as his family. He was considered even when he was alive to be the greatest military mind of his time. Noble in the fight, he treated his foes extraordinary well. "Although he wasn't particulary funny, he did display some sense of humor behind that serious face", Crysanthos, the veteran warrior once told Yuuya. He was also a great sovereign to his people, fair and generous, his subjects morned him for weeks as they couldn't believe the great king was dead.


Family Ties

Before his father's death relations with his brothers were cordial, his brother Archelaos became very envious as time passed by due to the Prince's popularity among the people and the confidence his father had in him, giving him command of various armies in different conflicts. On the other hand, his other brother Nikanor and him were very close. Thats why he didn't hesitate to help him when he was deposed. Relations, specially with Archelaos worsened after Magas's death and the partition of his empire, when it was clear that Archelaos was plotting to become the one single ruler of the Oronai world. 
The true loves of his live were his elven wife and his sons. Elladia was in his words "the perfect wife and companion" she helped also ruling his kingdom, specially the elven territories he had conquered. The couple had four children: Amyntas, Zoisos, Apama and Nikaia. All of them were very loved by the king and viceversa. It was very common to see the king playing with his children at the Palace's gardens at Evergetia, specially were they were young.  Of them, Nikaia and Zoisos were the ones who closely resembled the king, in both appearance and character. 

Religious Views

He was a pious devout to the traditional Oronai Gods. He was specially found of Abbon Shabai and Tyr.

Social Aptitude

Boros had a tremendous Charisma and confidence. His soldiers would die for him and follow him to the end of the world if needed. Although at first he was a bit shy, this shyness was lost as time passed by. 


Tylis, princess of Steplia and queen of Bire


Towards Boros The Conqueror


Boros The Conqueror


Towards Tylis, princess of Steplia and queen of Bire


Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Oronia and later King of Steplia, also de iure and de facto King of Sure.
531 AP 596 AP 65 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Son of King Magas the Great
Circumstances of Death
Current Residence
light green
short, brown
60 kgs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Come on, brave Oronai, do you want to live forever!!??"   Boros the Conqueror at the battle of the Lappyan Forest
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Boros's native language was the Oronai Language, and during his lifetime, being so intelligent as he was, he was able to master another 2 languages, elvish and Blatian.
Founded Settlements
Character Prototype
In all his aspects, Boros resembled the hero of the epic tales. Loved by his people and allies, feared by his enemies and pious towards the gods

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Character Portrait image: by Artbreeder


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