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Duelist's Proof

"Don't challenge a Duelist. Trust me. That card is Proof enough of their mettle."
— a former witness to a Proving

A Duelist's Proof is necessary to compete in sanctioned Duels or events. Every registered member of a Dueling or Blood Sports League carries a Duelist's Proof, which includes important information, such as the League's Registry and the Duelist's career statistics. They're able to register or contact members of any League through the device, including others they've personally registered through interacting with their Proof. Communication between devices maintains the network of Leagues and their members. The Proof is also used to record Duels or when making transactions with League currency, Honor.

Due to its specific magical functions, 2 Duelist's Proof are required before a Duel initiates.

After Arbitration, Duelists meet at their chosen location and use their Duelist's Proof to create an Arena, as the spell. Due to the specifications and the enhancements of a pair of Duelist's Proof, the Arena can create a simplistic or versatile structure for combat. It is viewable from outside, but a special protective veil detects those who are sensitive (such as children) or prone to triggers from violence and distorts the imagery.

After a battle (but before the Arena has been lifted), a "Refresh" spell returns the Duelists to the status they were in before the Duel started. This device can't be used outside of a Duel, as it has been bound and made conditional by the League. Breaking a Duelist's Proof comes with a severe penalty and cost to the Duelist, as replacing them requires sufficient time and resources.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Duelist's Proof is a simple sheet of metal. It is enchanted to interact with other Duelist's Proof; it also accesses the WAIV to acquire or update information. A Duelist's Proof is automatically attuned to the Duelist upon ownership. It won't work for anyone besides the Duelist or staff members of a League.

Manufacturing process

While the process for creating a Duelist's Proof is inexpensive, an Enchanter spends atleast 6 hours a day infusing and shaping the unique magical patterns. Binding the magic to nodes within the metal, currents are traced that have to weave through the marbling of the metal. It is easy to lose thread in this manner or to break a needle; the process requires steadfast concentration and patience. Once the thread has been inlayed through the metal, an Enchanter's Sodor traces the thread, binding the necessary spells into the metal. Slivers of Aurorium are used to connect the circuits.

Most Duelist Leagues imprint their insignia on the back of the Proof; with the metal press, the Enchanter brands the second metal plate with the chosen insignia. Once this is complete, the second plate of metal is laid atop the first, along with the glass or obsidian, and pins are placed into the corners. Lightly tapping, the pins are driven through the layers with a mallet. A file is used to smooth the pins and set the layers in place. After this is done, the whole thing is subjected to a minor jolt of electricity.

The Enchanter allows the Duelist's Proof to remain dormant for some time, as it collects the necessary information from the WAIV. It builds a database of the Duelist's registry and connects itself to the associated League. Once a League Initiate has completed their testing, the Duelist's Proof is entrusted, becoming active. It will remain active indefinitely, at the will of the owner.


As the world moved away from barbaric rites and embraced Blood Sports, questions about how to properly regulate these events continuously came up. Originally, a Duelist's Proof served as an engraved wooden token only; those who carried it were partnered with a Healer or were Restomancers themselves. In many cities, specific locations were arranged for Duels; now, with a Duelist's Proof, Duelists can engage in Blood Sports practically anywhere!


A Duelist requires a Duelist's Proof to be able to participate in Blood Sports. These are obtained through registry with any Dueling or Blood Sports League. Antiquity plates are rare and favored amongst collectors.

Specific (Duelist)
Rare (Antiquity)
1 lb.
Raw materials & Components

2 Small metal sheets (typically, any metal but Gold Enchanter's Sodor, Needle & Thread; an onyx, obsidian, or glass sheet w 4 holes in each corner. Aurorium.

Pins, a small hammer & a metal file. 1 Metal Press (Optional).


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Oh this is a great idea. Love that great day safe way to go all out and that people can watch see the epic duel and it has a sensor view mode for underage viewers very cool item

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