Sugarflurry Skirmish
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Happy Holidays from Culinaria!

You're visiting The Sugarcanaan Isles during one of their biggest event of the year: The Sugarflurry Skirmish. During the colder seasons, Sugarcanaan is prone to freezing sugarflurry blizzards that coat the land in sweet snow.
And what's better than a snowball fight you can eat?
Sugarflurry Skirmish is a turn-based dice rolling game that can be played in your campaigns or holiday parties!
This game is currently in playtesting. If you try it out, let me know about your experience/questions in the comments below!

The Sugarflurry Skirmish

What is the Skirmish?

The Sugarflurry Skirmish originated as a gesture of goodwill by the Gingerbreadfolk. Faced with the challenge of surviving the frosty winter months, the community decided to turn the snowy landscape into a playground.   The entire island transforms into a vast arena, where teams form organically and alliances are made in the spirit of mirth. The weapon of choice? Soft, sugary snowballs.   The rules of the Sugarflurry Skirmish are simple. Grab the nearest snowball and chuck it at another player. The goal is not conquest, but the shared experience of laughter, friendly banter, and the sweet satisfaction of creating memories amidst the sugary snowfall.
A Quests & Quarrels Preview
Sugarflurry Skirmish includes a preview of core mechanics in the Quests & Quarrels (Q2) TTRPG system: Adrenaline, Action Dice, and Defense Points.
Q2 is a classless, skill-tree based d6 system with a focus on crafting unique characters in custom settings.
by Emily Armstrong, Photoshop

Basic Rules

This game is for 2+ players.
Materials Needed
Six-sided dice for each player.
Place to track stats.
Need a d6? Here's a digital one!   Click To Roll 1d6   Play the game right here or create a thread!

Getting Started

  Designate a play area with enough space to roll dice freely. The game is best played seated at a table with opponents sitting opposite one another, but can be played anywhere dice can be rolled physically or digitally.   At the start of the game, each player builds a Gingerbreadfolk and receives 6 six-sided dice representing their 5 starter snowballs and 1 Action die.
  1. Roll the Action die first to determine your Defense number.
    You can choose to share this number or keep it a secret.
  2. Roll the Action die again to determine turn order. The game begins as soon as turn order is established.
    Highest goes first; tiebreakers determined by agreed-upon tiebreaker rules.
Playing Out Turns
At the start of your turn, declare a target and roll your Action die. The results of the roll are cross-referenced with Table 1.
Throwing Snowballs
If your snowball hits, roll 1d6 to determine damage. The hit enemy subtracts the result from their Health Points. Players can dodge a number of hits equal to their Defense roll. Snowballs are a limited resource - throwing a snowball subtracts it from your total snowballs.
All players start with 20 Health Points and are eliminated when they reach 0. On your turn, you can try to heal by declaring a number between 1 and 6. Roll the Action die; if it matches your chosen number, heal the rolled total.
Adrenaline is earned any time a player rolls a 1 with their Action die. Adrenaline points can be spent during a player's turn to use one of the following skills:  
Precision Throw
1 Adrenaline Point
The flurries align. Your target is in sight. Throw!
Throw your snowball with Blessing.
Chill Out
1 Adrenaline Point
Step back, survey your surroundings, and breathe.
Gain 1 Defense.
Blizzard Alert
1 Adrenaline Point
Trigger a temporary blizzard, affecting visibility.
Skip one opponent's next turn.
Adrenaline Surge
2 Adrenaline Points
Spend 2 Adrenaline Points to gain an extra turn immediately.
Snowstorm Sanctuary
3 Adrenaline Points
Summon a protective snowstorm, reducing incoming snowball damage by half for two turns.
Gummy Golem
4 Adrenaline Points
Summon one of the Gummy Golems to attack an opponent once for 2d6 damage.
Players can buddy up by proposing an alliance to another player during their turn. It's a two-way street, though—both players need to agree to make it official. Each player can only have one alliance at a time. Alliances can be ended at any time without consequence, or through Betrayal.  
Mutual Defense Pact
Players in an alliance cannot target each other with snowball attacks. If one player is attacked, their ally can choose to intercept the attack, taking the hit instead.
Shared Snowballs
Alliances allow players to share their snowballs. If someone's running low, their allies can pitch in and send some of their own ammunition their way.
Players in alliances have the option to betray their ally at any time. During a betrayal, the person breaking the alliance receives 2 Adrenaline points and steals half their ally's snowballs, but they lose their next turn and are unable to form alliances for 2 turns.

Game Variations

Solo Play

  • In Sugarflurry Skirmish Solitaire, you roll both sides of the conflict.
  • Health Points may optionally start at 10 for a shorter game.

Team Play

  • The objective is for the team to collectively achieve victory.
  • Player Health Points start at 10.
  • Alliances can be made as teams.
  • The game ends when one entire team is eliminated by reaching 0 Health Points.
Team Adrenaline Skills
Shared Defense
1 Adrenaline Points
Spend 1 Adrenaline Point to protect 1 team member from the next snowball attack.   Team Cheer
2 Adrenaline Points
All teammates roll their Action die. If there are any matching numbers, everyone receives +1 to snowball damage on their next hit.

Create Your Gingerbreadfolk

You're a Gingerbreadfolk. You're around 3 - 5 inches tall, resilient, and made of spiced cookie, candy, and frosting.

1. Name Your Gingerbreadfolk

2. Choose One Sweet Skill

Mallow Medic
Once per game, restore 3 Health Points to yourself or a nearby ally.
Candy Archer
Once per game, make a snowball attack for double damage.
Tough Cookie
You start with an extra +1 Defense.
Sweet Regen
Choose 2 numbers instead of 1 when Healing.
Candycane Yoink
Reroll one Action Die result per game.
Caramel Conjurer
Start with +3 snowballs.
Graham Grappler
Once per game, turn one miss into a hit.
Vanilla Voyager
Start with 2 Adrenaline points.

Notes and Clarifications

  • If a player has 0 snowballs and rolls a hit on their Action die, they cannot target an enemy and are unable to attack.
  • Ideal setup consists of players sitting opposite one another at a table with a pile of d6 'snowballs' between them.


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Dec 17, 2023 21:04 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is so much fun. I might try to make my wife play it with me on Christmas Day when she finishes work. :D

Dec 18, 2023 05:31 by Emily Armstrong

Oooo I hope you enjoy!! I am totally making my family play this with me over the holidays until they're sick of it xD

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Jan 3, 2024 19:45

I love this idea, turning a snowball fight into a dice game is awesome. Easy enough to understand and really well presented, good job :)

Jan 3, 2024 20:11 by Emily Armstrong

Thank you!! I'm hoping to playtest this game a bit more tonight, it's been such a fun experience so far :D

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Jan 12, 2024 12:09 by E. Christopher Clark

Sugarpop Taffykins reporting for duty!

Now it's time for the awkward wave.
Jan 13, 2024 06:29 by Emily Armstrong

Bwaahahaha awww what a lovely name xD

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Jan 26, 2024 05:14

This looks like a nice game of a snowball fight without the need to freeze and get hit by anything, just a pair of dice.

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
The Sagas world cover
Jan 27, 2024 14:43 by Emily Armstrong

Thanks! That was the exact idea, snowball fight without the cold hahahah Coming up with mini games like this is so much fun :D

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