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Easgrimm - The Consumer

The Consumer

Brief Overview

Easgrimm is known in the Garden as one of the most skilled dragons to ever take to the skies. However, his lust for power quickly alienated him from those he held dear. Dragons follow very different laws than the mortal races of Eden, and Easgrimm is talented at finding clever methods to appear as if he's following them, but when no eyes lie upon him he works behind the scenes with The Unnamed God to create and cultivate chaos. His only price was that the deity fed him anything he asked for when he asked for it.

General Overview

As the third child of Evelynn, Easgrimm was beloved by his mother and his siblings alike. Despite that fact, he felt estranged from his kin due to the skill level displayed by his brother, Easaldoor. Easgrimm's envy and hunger for power turned his feelings of displacement into resentment, and with the lifespan of an immortal, resentment can easily fester and sink into hatred...
Dragons know that their power comes from what they eat, however, draconic laws state that no dragon may eat another. This is due to the fact the power of the consumed dragon will transfer to the consumer, creating the potential for not only a misuse of stolen power but the potential of that dragon revealing to Birtham that the dragons still exist. After centuries of struggling only to remain second best, Easgrimm decided that these laws no longer applied to him...

Physical Description

Special abilities

His brother was born with the ability to store two powers within him, an ability that could only be acheived by a normal dragon after consuming their kin. Easgrimm found this to be an unfair truth. Why did his brother have more gifts than he did? How could Easaldoor have more when Easgrimm knew he deserved better? So Easgrimm decided that only he was worthy. Because Easgrimm has eaten so many dragons, he is capable of storing 32 different powers within him, making his breath attacks difficult to predict. He is known to be capable of manipulating the elements below: Stone, air, water, fire, light, dark, poisonous liquids, metals, and magma/lava. The rest of his abilities remain unknown as many were gained while in service to the Unnamed god.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Easgrimm was a fairly skilled fire breather, but his brother Easaldoor was capable of storing two different breath types, and natural talent has always had a way of trumping skills once honed... Easgrimm wanted to be better than his brother... And soon he would be. He chose to join in the Sylph war, but not to actually assist their allies. He joined in order to seize any opportunity possible to eat his own kind. When evidence of his deeds was found, he framed Easaldoor for his crimes. Easaldoor was stripped of his honorific and titled only as "Saldoor, the Consumer." He was banished from the Garden of Eden, and hunted by his brethren. Satisfied with his triumph, Easgrimm continued doing as he pleased until he was confronted by the Unnamed god and offered a deal to good to refuse. The world would forget every misdeed he committed from then forward and retroactively if only Easgrimm agreed to follow and worship the deity of secrecy.
After this point, Easgrimm's actions throughout the modern day Eden remained unfounded, however, he knows the truth. The true Consumer was him all along...


Easgrimm is highly disturbed and though he covets females, he has a tendency to eat those he finds attractive due to a confusion between passionate lust and power lust.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Easgrimm's flames are so powerful that not only does his entire chest glow as his begins the intake for his breath attack, but when he exhales he can melt even the most capable of metals. During the Sylph war, Easgrimm was called in as an airstrike to help a few Sylph were pinned down in a cliff crevice in Mordu. Not only did he find and extract the Sylph he was called for, but he melted an entire army of Dwarves into the side of the mountain. To this day you can still see the melted weapons poking out from the cliff face.

Failures & Embarrassments

Easgrimm regrets the way things with his brother played out. If he had it his way he'd have hunted down Saldoor and consumed him as well, but after Saldoor's banishment Easgrimm was unable able to locate him...
Despite the fact he's now more powerful than even he imagined, Easgrimm has made it his personal mission to destroy Saldoor, both in a physical and reputation based manner. To this day he thinks back to the night when Saldoor was banished, running different scenarios through his head again and again... Wondering if he could have consumed Saldoor before he fell off the face of Eden.

Morality & Philosophy

You are what you eat...

Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Round, aflame.
Easgrimm has a crown of horns.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
His scales are rough and have serrated edges.
He believes in "the end."
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Draconic, Belani, Tae, Abyssal, Faeyn, and the common tongue.
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