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A vast range of mountains creating a border between Valkour and Furystrom, Mordu is known historically for being home to the Dwarves before the war of the gods. Back before the Heavens opened up and poured hot lava from the skies and into the mountains, performing mass genocide on the unsuspecting Dwarves. It is speculated that the mountains grew in size after the lava dried, and any Dwarves who may have survived were sealed within the mountains, their home becoming their tomb.

In present day Eden, Mordu is used by the Valkorri as protection from the fire storms and as a mining front that is rich in volcanic mineral deposits and metals. So far, nothing has been found archeologically from the Dwarves to prove that they existed so they are largely speculated to have been a mythological race, and the tale of the Dwarven genocide is referenced more commonly by the mortals of Eden as a cautionary tale about being careful not to offend the gods.
Mountain Range
Inhabiting Species

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