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Zuniv the Comprehender

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Duluztu Ru-Zuniv (a.k.a. Zuniv Sempuruta)

The pioneer of the Rilsu civilization's core mindset.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Comprehend the past, then you will see the future.
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  Ru Zuniv was born into a well-established family of academics, in the city of Deplozena on the shores of what is now the Zugderi Sea. His studies in physics set him on the path towards seeking a deeper understanding of the universe. After surviving the horrors of the The Final War, he became increasingly interested in spiritual matters and philosophical theories, which eventually made him the pioneer of a new school of thought. His ideas regarding the nature of the universe and the life in it became a pillar of the newly-founded Rilsu society, and as such his legacy still lives on today.


A people cannot be at peace as long as one person refuses to learn.
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  He held a supreme degree and academic teaching license in physics. After the war, he turned to studying the works of various philosophers in order to cope with what had happened.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Take pleasure in your success, then set out for the next goal. Let every answer give rise to new questions.
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  Ru Zuniv compiled his thoughts on life and the universe in a book called "Ronekru Lu Apip", or "The Nature of Existence". Despite the lack of infrastructure after the war, it quickly became famous all over Ranul.   His ideas about the common foundation of the universe resonated strongly with the young Rilsu civilization and their efforts to overcome the deep-seated animosity between their ancestors. Consequently, people went to great lengths in order to create and distribute copies of the book, while many people approached him to study his philosophy.   Even today, this school of thought shapes people's daily life and are found in anything from communal politics to the symbiotic co-existence between organics and machines.

Mental Trauma

Grief, like all toxins, can be healing in small doses.
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  Ru Zuniv survived the Final War in a nuclear shelter, together with his wife and youngest daughter. His elder son had fallen in battle years earlier. Like all survivors, he was deeply affected by the incredible destruction this conflict had caused, and struggled to find a way to move forward. The fact that he succeeded came to inspire and bring hope to the Rilsu as a whole.

Personality Characteristics


Learning is not a competition. It is both the tool and the goal.
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  Throughout his life, Ru Zuniv was driven by an insatiable curiosity and desire to understand the world around him. Furthermore, he took pleasure in awakening the same curiosity in others, believing that it was ultimately the key to a better life for everyone.


Religious Views

In the end, all is composed of the same matter. Every person, every beast, every plant, every ground.
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  As a passionate physicist, Ru Zuniv was more than familiar with the interactions between subatomic particles, and how their configurations determine that which is known as reality - everything from a basic substance up to the wonder of the Rul mind. After witnessing the damage that prejudice and nationalism had done to the life on his homeworld, he came to realize how ridiculous this mindset was when considered from a scientific point of view. On the contrary, he saw the universal building blocks and the omnipresent forces of nature as that which unites all entities, living or otherwise.  
It is naive to presume a lack of soul in that which does not speak. Would you think the same of a person who stands by idly and mute?
— Zuniv Sempuruta
  He further held the belief that every entity had the potential to develop a soul, which he saw as a result of its intrinsic energy. As he understood it, every form of life ultimately obeyed the laws of physics and bio-chemistry, which in turn stemmed from the balancing of energy levels between subatomic particles. From this idea he concluded that everything was owed respectful treatment, from a raw material to cattle and, obviously, fellow persons.
43 years
Date of Birth
21 NZR, Keponoma 6
287419 UTD 287505 UTD 86 years old
reddish orange
red, banded feathers
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
reddish with a rusty-brown tint
Known Languages
Rilangun (native), Rile (fluent)

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