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Ut Revi

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Ut Revi (a.k.a. Tamak Lul Hap)

The famous anchorman who delivered the Last Announcement.

Mental characteristics


Ut Revi obtained a basic degree in journalism in the year 8 NZR.


Following his studies, he began an internship at the official television station of the Rilanga Union. Due to his captivating style of presentation, he quickly rose to the position of anchorman for the main news broadcast. He worked in this function for 6 years, up until the disastrous conclusion of the Final War.

Accomplishments & Achievements


Even before the Final War began, Ut Revi's daily news report was a major communication channel between the government of the Rilanga Union and its citizens. This importance only increased after said war was officially declared and he was the one to inform the population at large about the situation. Likewise, new developments in the war efforts were generally announced by him.   His role as the government's messenger earned him the inofficial title "Tamak Lul Hap", literally "the Voice of the Union". He became widely known for his calm, charismatic presentation style and the ability to bring hope in these dark times.


Ut Revi eventually went down in history due to his delivery of the Last Announcement. The regular program was interrupted and he began informing the audience about several missiles heading for the Rilanga population centers. However, while relaying the government's recommended safety measures, he faltered and drastically departed from the confident, reassuring messages that people had come to expect from him. Instead, he began urging the viewers to run to their loved ones and savor the last moments before the end. The announcement came to a sudden stop which was later revealed to be an intervention by government agents.

Morality & Philosophy

Up until the Last Announcement Ut Revi was considered a role model for the Rilanga core values. He was loyal to the Union and habitually dispelling doubts that his viewers might have about the government's actions.   However, as he showed in his last moments, he ultimately valued honesty above the harmony preached by his society.


Family Ties

Ut Revi was married to a restaurant chef. They had a daughter who served in the Union's military.

Social Aptitude

He was well-mannered and friendly, with a talent for stressing the positive aspects in even the most depressing news.
Date of Birth
21 NZR, Kolkanoma 17
Date of Death
1 NZR, Taprunoma 32
Circumstances of Death
presumably in the last attacks of the Final War
reddish orange
pinkish-red feathers
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale red with darker red shade
Known Languages

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski
Character Portrait image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

Kinda low on inspiration today, so I went for the low-hanging fruit. Nothing too spectacular here, but at least now he's a little bit more than a legendary emotional breakdown.

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