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The Last Announcement

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The last public broadcast on Rilanga television which aired right before the end of the Final War.


The recording shows a special report by the famous anchorman Ut Revi, informing all Rilanga citizens about a wave of missiles heading for the population centers.

Document Structure


The report begins with Ut Revi informing the citizens that the Ran-E-Zu Confederation fired multiple long-range missiles towards both the Zugderi and Zugnur Seas.   He then proceeds to talk about how the military was already working on intercepting these missiles and everybody should stay calm. However, while delivering the government's recommendations about the precautions that people should take, his voice breaks and he goes off script.   The broadcast ends with Ut Revi urging everyone to run to their families and hold them tight because there was nothing left that anyone could do. He is cut off mid-sentence by a "stand by" screen mentioning technical difficulties.

Publication Status

This recording is publicly accessible for all Rilsu citizens. It is featured in countless documentaries about the Final War, and everyone graduating from school has seen it at least once as part of their history classes.

Historical Details


Several survivors recorded this broadcast while watching it from inside their shelters. Most of those recordings were kept secret before the Peace Conference because people feared prosecution.   When the Rilsu gathered historical documents and artifacts relating to the Final War, all known recordings were reviewed for completeness as well as audio and video quality. The four best ones were carefully preserved and the storage media containing them are now exhibited in the Denfa Sasmi Museum. Their contents are part of the museum's public database.

Public Reaction

Many people living in the shelters watched the original broadcast while it aired. When the famous anchorman - also known as the "Voice of the Union" - went off script, some reacted with confusion and disbelief while others began to panic or freeze in shock.   Soon afterwards, rumors came up regarding the "stand by" card. People speculated whether there were truly technical difficulties, whether the missiles hit mid-sentence, or whether the authorities wanted Ut Revi to shut up. Government officials later confirmed that it was the latter and that the missiles did not hit until six minutes after the broadcast was interrupted.


To most Rilsu, it is a painful reminder of the turning point in their species' history. However, many admire Ut Revi for speaking his true mind at the last moment, abandoning the government's propaganda to remind the people of what they were about to lose.
Alternative name(s)
Zem Rovosru
Record, Transcript (Communication)
Digital Recording, Video
Authoring Date
1 NZR, Taprunoma 32, 25:20 - 25:23

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

This prompt was pretty straightforward for me. I already had the idea that the "Nonfi Nis" game should start with the Op family watching TV when everything outside the shelters goes to hell.   This in turn means that this very message will eventually come to life via computer animation! At the very least, I will need to write out the entire script for it, and knowing myself, there's a fair chance that I'll translate it to Rilangun as well. I'm looking forward to putting that in the document contents some day. :D   So what do you think of Ut Revi's message?     Update November 27, 2021: I have added pictures and written the content of the announcement. And yes, there's a version in Rilangun.

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Eternal Sage LauraVAB
Laura VanArendonk Baugh
5 Aug, 2021 15:03

Good article. I love the drama of the "Stand By" card.

5 Aug, 2021 17:00

Thank you very much! ^^

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9 Aug, 2021 16:42

Wow, this hit right in the feels. I'm glad that Ut Revi went off script at the end, and also the government confirmation that it was deliberately put on stand by and the missiles only hit 6 minutes later.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
10 Aug, 2021 09:27

Thank you, I'm glad that it has that emotional impact! There's always something bittersweet about writing articles related to the Final War and its legacy. Lots of horrible things happened, but I always try to include a ray of hope - such as people trying to salvage what they can before the end, or the lessons that the Rilsu learned from that.

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