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Kiresa Liquor

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A strong alcoholic drink which was popular in Leokolriz.

General Properties


The transparent liquor was slightly thicker than water and had a pale pink color.


It had a sweet, fruity aroma. The alcohol tended to leave a sharp sting in the mouth.


With about 20% of alcohol it lead to intoxication when consumed in larger quantities.


Core Recipe

Ripe kiresa berries were crushed, mixed with about twice the amount water and then left to ferment. Afterwards, the pulp was filtered out and the liquid was destilled to remove part of the water and make it more potent.


While the kiresa species did not survive the ecological damage of the Final War, a wide range of simular fruit spirits are created and consumed by the Rilsu today.

Cultural Significance


The Leokola often drank small amounts of this liquor after big meals, believing that it aided digestion. It was also popular in social gatherings, both for its taste and for its tendency to reduce inhibitions. Finally, some people turned to it for calming their nerves or distracting themselves from problems.

Serving Conventions

Kiresa liquor was served in small, stout glasses.
alcoholic beverage
fermented kiresa berries
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