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Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way

!!!Champion of Glorious Goodness!!!

Written by Endrise

Champion of Glorious Goodness Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way

Hello there! My namy is Ivory Ligh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way (Ivory for Short) and I am here to save the day!
— Ivory Ligh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way (Ivory for Short) saving the day

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way (also known short as Ivory) is one of the best fighters and spellcasters of Fabulae, a Ganzi with an amazing gift and beautiful appearance capable of doing almost anything to save the world, a task which is her duty to do of course!

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way has ivory coloured hair (hence her name) with frosted pink tips that sparkles when exposed to both sunlight and moonlight. Not only is she a Ganzi but she also has the blood of an Angel, a Demon, a Dragon and is related to a Catfolk twice removed. This makes her have aquamarine scales and ivory fur, both sparkling when exposed to either sunlight or moonlight. She also suffers from homophobia in her eyes, which gives her the powers of fire in one eye and ice in another, with both sparkling in the sunlight and moonlight when directly exposed. Large pink wings replace where her normal ears would, instead having feline ears with fluffy insides giving her heightened senses and better hearing. She also possesses a dragon's tail with a fluffy end as long as her legs, strong enough to act as a third support. She also a distinct star-shaped mark on her lower left leg, showcasing her chosen destiny since childhood.

She likes wearing long-sleeved silver shirts with a loose pink top on top, wearing on her left arm three armbands, one red and one green, and a friendship bracelet of a former friend of hers. On her right arm she wears also two armbands, one blue decorated with saphires and one green decorated with rubies, which she uses to channel the homophobia of her eyes with. For her lower half she likes to wear long sparkly leggings with leather strap platform boots, on her right one having a small star and on her left a heart symbol, while wearing a skirt above it all.

Ivory in full armour (artistic rendition)

Ivory in full armour (artistic rendition) by Endrise

For combat, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way wears light silver armour that covers her head, shoulders, chest, crotch, lower arms and lower legs, made from the scales of a dragon and enhanced with elven runes. Practically impervious to all kinds of damage and even absorbs both sunlight and moonlight to heal any wounds she might suffer in combat. It even is light-weight enough for her to be acrobatic and flexible enough to allow full range movement at all times.

Special abilities

As a half-Ganzi, half-Demon, half-Angel, half-Catfolk, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way has endless possibilities and choices on what she can and cannot do. Her genetic mixup makes her able to control fate, chaos and order, have heightened senses and a greater affinity for magic such as abjuration, evocation, enchantment, necromancy, transmutation, illusion and divination.

Her main affinity is that with the sun and the Moon, allowing her to create either blazing heat or chilling cold from her hands, eyes or even mouth. Travelling to the Elemental pillar planes also gave her the power to control both the elements of fire and water in any form.

Her blessings from the Fae and temporary death at the hands of the Lich king also make her practically resistant to all forms of magic, allowing her to even resist a point-blank death spell and reflect it back. Though such actions do tire her out too much to fight onwards.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early years

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's birth was an unusual one: child of the great Dragon Solaris and an ordinary man from Peripatia, her existence would help prevent a future disaster that would have destroyed the kingdom. However, outsider forces saw her creation as a potential threat, hoping to corrupt them to their side. Angelic and Demonic entities both tried to seed their essence into the unborn Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way, only to be withold by the true chaotic forces of magic, resulting in her Ganzi heritage.

When born, Solaris saw the danger to have Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way exposed to the outside forces and protected Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way with a seal hiding Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way nature from the world. Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way and her father then fled to the countryside of the kingdom, where they hid from the spying eyes of outsider forces for the first few years.

From a young child onward, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's Catfolk heritage made Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way quite obvious Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way did not fit in, as earlier years also had Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's other powers emerge at inconvenient time. However, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's maintained proper grades and stood on top as one of her class's best students, being the youngest person to ever succeed at a magic contest.

Things changed however when the prophecy took out Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's home town and her father alongside, orphaning her at the age of 12. In his dying words Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way learned the truth about the prophecy and the inevitable demise of the world, and sought out to find Maditon Academy with her pet cat so Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way could master her magic and save the world from an inevitable demise that the prophecy talked about.

Journey to Maditon Acadely

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way journeyed for the next 3 years across Peripatia, going on smaller adventures where she and her pet cat tried to save local towns from big threats that endangered them. This included the invasion of the wrath Demon army, the Wormrot Plague she managed to find a cure for with the help of a local Fae, her travels with the lonely eastern swordmaster who she got her magical cursed blade from and his apprentice (who she later dated during their journey before moving on), her discovery of the solar and lunar armbands and the saving of the twin cities.

During this trip, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way also discovered the truth about her angelic and demonic blood, having to face off against her evil side in the memory woods and mastering soon the powers of chaos and order while doing so. During the trip, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way also met her second Catfolk cousin Lady Paws, who she had to fight because she worked for the forces of chaos.

By the time she was 15, she entered Maditon Acadely as the youngest student ever recorded.

The Fae Apprentice

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's days studying under professor snakeheart were tough ones, but she managed to get top grades even while going on several adventures through her school years. There Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way soon began to master all schools of magic including the impossible 9th school, while balancing it with after-school activities and having to fend off the love of three boyfriends in her class fighting over her hand, something which professor Snakeheart did not agree upon.

However, her good grades and mastery did not work well enough to help her defeat the potential evil of the prophecy, so she sought out knowledge in the lost library of Maditon Academy. There, she learned the name of the Fae Shining Star Giving Direction, seeking them out in the forbidden catacombs of Luxaltar. There, she encountered the Fae and faced its trails, soon to be taught that the gift she had was already deep within her to defeat the prophecy's threat. Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way then graduated two years earlier than the others due to her skill and understanding, allowing her to be the youngest surpreme sorcerer of the academy's history.

That is, if the academy was not attacked by the order of order, who tried to attack and kill her right then and there if it was not for the sacrifice of her second boyfriend. In anger, she unleashed her full power and pushed back the order of order, saving the academy from inevitable demise and even getting a honourable mention of the Fire Maiden.

Solar Eclipse

after her year of studying in Maditon Academy, the prophecy was soon to approach under the solar eclipse, where the child of heaven and hell would bring the end to Sichelan. As such, she needed to gather her friends and companions to stop the threat from destroying the continent.

As such, she came back to find the swordmaster's apprentice, who helped her master her cursed blade and purify its evil for the power of light. However, she had to cut off his sword arm after the blade corrupted him, cutting her training short just before finding out the child of heaven and hell's soul secretly was the curse that was within the blade itself.

An epic battle ensued amongst Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way and the child of heaven and hell, the two forces fighting under the solar eclipse that would call forth the end times and power up the child of heaven and hell. Even though she was at a disadvantage, the swordmaster's apprentice poured his dying power within her being to power her up, giving Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way the upper hand and destroying the child of heaven and hell once and for all, saving the continent from total destruction.

The Lich King

Five years later, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way would grow up to be a knight in Peripatia's knightly order and help prtoect the kingdom from monsters. However, Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way also met a new threat under the reanimated corpse of lich king Darclux, the one who made the child of heaven and hell and struck its soul within the cursed blade of hers.

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way tried to fight back, only to be soon met overpowered by Draclux's might and destruction, as he laid down chaos upon Faramund and the whole of Peripatia, leaving Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way to flee into the woods in shame and train under Shining Star Giving Direction once more, until even they passed on as the lich was leeching off all magic of the area.

In a desperate attempt, she tried to confront him once more without her power or abilities, only to be struck down instantly by his death spells, dropping dead right in front of the skeletal mage. However, in her dying moments, she discovered the soul of her stillborn sister was living within her as well, having protected her ever since she was born from the otherworldy threats and having sacrificed herself to take the final blow. In her dying moments, her sister gave Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way one more chance at life, to defeat Darclux once and for all.

With the united strength of her dead lover and dead sister, she unleashed enough light magic into the Undead heart of Darclux to make it beat once more, letting the lich king perish as his fleeing moment of life soon led to his permanent death. However, she did lose her hand in his retaliation, which got replaced with a mechanical prosthetic after the battle.

Ever since, she retired from her knighthood at the age of 22, where she quietly lived the rest of her life with her pet cat in the farmlands of Peripatia.


An abomination of storytelling that barely holds a coherent thought.
— Book Enthusiast
Confusing, loud and mocks the idea of learning magic.
— Maditon Academy Scholar
There are curses less haunting than this text.
— Local Mage
Disrespects all forms of literature and feels more like someone's power fantasy.
— Bestseller Writer
I kinda liked it.
— Casual Reader

"The Ivory Chrionicles" began as a series of short tales published amongst the public a few decades prior by an unknown author, talking about the fictional character of Ivory. While the stories had often very little connective tissue, they were well-received enough for the short stories to be collected into one large volume, becoming the first of a trilogy of books. The second and third books would then be more fully fledged single stories, focusing on her studies in Maditon Academy and the prophecy mentioned during the first tales.

However, critics bashed the series's writing and character for being a glorified power fantasy, as the first volume incoherent writing and fluxuating understanding of her capabilities made it hard for some to get into the series. It did not help that the focus on the side-romance took away some of the interest from certain readers, as they took away the importance of some of the plot for badly written love interests.

Some also blame it to be a fairly inaccurate, if not dangerous representation of magic learning and even encouraged some younger audiences from trying potentially fatal spells. As such, later revisions would change the spells and knowledge Ivory learned to make the trilogy be more marketable.

Five years after the trilogy concluded, the author decided to make a fourth as the proper finale of the series after the backlash of the previous titles, which was better received but gained criticism for the somewhat darker tone fans did not think worked with the series. No further plans for the franchise were ever made, leaving the fourth book as the definitve end for Ivory and her adventures.

Personality Characteristics


Ivory Ligh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way is driven by a constant need to want to do good for the world, having sworn her life to get rid of all evil on Fabulae and beyond. A respectable task that her pure heart cannot ever drive away from, literally. Even her acts of evilness would only drive further goodness no matter how far villains try to corrupt her.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Boys
  • Her pet cat


  • Being insulted
  • Math
  • Confronting Failure

Vices & Personality flaws

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way's biggest flaw is her overall kindness to others, having shown on numerous occassions for how her unwillingness to harm others ruined the plans of her friends and companions.

If she isn't struggling to harm others, she also forgets her own capabilities and often gets others in more danger than if she knew what she can do. Usually it's forgetting what spells she can cast or that she can alter her luck, making others often take the blow for her instead.

Current Status
Retired from Knighthood
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of Glorious Goodness
Sorcerer Surpreme
Defender of Kidness
Pure Hearted Soul
Saviour of two worlds
Saviour of three worlds
Saviours of four worlds
Red-Blue homophobia

Cover image: by Endrise
Character Portrait image: Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way by Endrise


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