Pledge Ember

WorldEmber 2021 Pledge Document

I pledge to write a minimum goal of 10,000 words during the December 2021, and clearing out many stub articles as much as possible!

...But ummmm, how should I do without making my head spun?
— Adcheryl


Each worlds have a different scope, but the same purpose as to update the world's current affair without adding more side-story.


I'm going to fresh out a new area which related to the current act; The Crystal Empire. For existing area like Valonia and Ohun I'll go for it during Mapvember instead.

  • New Area: Irgia Republic
  • The Centralium
  • Irgian*
  • Garol
  • Erkin
  • Irgian Channel
  • C.S.E.

    In a small-scale, I'm gonna expand the backstories for each characters based on my very loose plot, which somehow involves with a large-scale worldbuilding.

  • Story: Rubin
  • Story: Mortis
  • Story: Franklin
  • Background: Colonization Race
  • Background: Major Six Wars
  • Mulatos State
  • Huegan State
  • Exotic Program

    I was having a problem with this plot since the beginning, so let's finish what I started. I also found the world's tone in some of Summer Camp's prompts which inspired me a lot I'd go with it.

  • Character: The Protagonist (Cheryl West, Sally Clinton?)
  • Character: The Antagonist
  • Story/Plot: The Wireless Puppeteer
  • New Background: Secret of the Candella Crop.
  • Prompts

    In July 2019, I was joining the Summer Camp for the first time. I felt the responsibility of time management emitted by that annual challenge. I only did 10 of them, so it'd be good if I finish some of the rest - Maybe 5-10 prompts I am interested in.

    20-11-2021 - After collecting prompts for some time, I got plenty of checklists from different places including the first one, which I was happily doing so.

    It'd take some time to fill up all the stubs, so stay tuned!

    The Vault SC-2019

    • 01: Describe a lush and fertile location in your world:
    • Gate Valley Gate Lowland
    • 04: Write about a ceremonial building in your world and what takes place there:
    • Cathedral of Samul, Temple of Amethisefe
    • 07: Describe an isolated or frontier settlement and how it survives in your world.
    • Isara Erkisium
    • 11: Describe a culture in your world which has particularly warlike traditions.
    • Mulati(CSE) or Irg(Terraloga)
    • 14: Write about an influential woman in your world and what they achieved.
    • Queen Imogen
    • 18: Write about a great thinker in your world and the impact they had on society.
    • Stanley Candella
    • 20: Write about a mental illness in your world and how people respond to this.
    • 22: Write about a material which is extracted, mined or quarried from the ground.
    • 27: Describe the functions of a vehicle used for military practices or conflicts.
    • Mulati freighter

    For all articles done during the challenge, check it here:

    Finding the Way Out through WorldEmber 2021
    Generic article | Jan 2, 2022


    I've already mentioned it in some of my Spooktober artworks:

    A Scroll by Adcheryl

    A Trip on Alana (Comes with a Map!)

    • 01: Write about a lost individual nobody appears to know or remember except the person who asked to find them.
    • Cheryl West
    • 02: Write about an object that has been passed through the generations in a family.
    • Milen Codec
    • 09: Write about a settlement or building in your world that stores secret or forbidden information. Who has access to it?
    • Finness
    • 10: Describe a language or code that is used to store secret or forbidden information.
    • Ultra-Hash: the secret language to encrypt of all informations across the DSC system.
    • 12: Write about a material in your world that is used to make extraordinary things, powerful items, or complex mechanisms.
    • 15: Take something from the news, a well known book or a story and add it to your world, but with a twist.
    • Digitizing Me: the Mind-Digitizer
    • 23: Write about a region in your world that is strikingly different from the rest of it. Why is this the case?
    • The Unhabitable Planet engulfed by a mutated flesh due to genetic manipulation failure Meatson
    • 28: Describe a technology in your world that improves people's lives but can also be abused by evidoers.
    • Solar Liquifier
    • 35: Write about a building or landmark in your world that has undergone major changes and is now unusable or has been completely repurposed.
    • Candella Tower
    • 36: Write about a plot or quest that takes the party to a remote location using a one-of-a-kind vehicle.
    • The Couple, The Smuggler, and the Machine of Life
    • 39: Write about a profession that is travelling around the world.
    • The Space Cartographer The Cartographer
    • 43: In your world, write about a document or piece of information that is so ancient or odd that no one can make any sense of it anymore.
    • Historical Records from the Ancient Earth


    Author's Notes

    This pledge would be updated constantly.
    18/11/2021 - Published!
    20/11/2021 - Prompts!
    27/11/2021 - Pictures!
    1/12/2021 - ??
    30/12/2021 - !!

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