The Greenminster Expedition

The disappearance of the Alcastor and her crew

Written by Stormbril

Historical Details


This document, or gathering of documents, exists to serve as an example for those who wish to embark on future expeditions to the The Deep of Greenminster . The location is dangerous, and should be treated as such.  
We've really tried to piece together what happened here. All we've got to go off of is these personal journals, and frankly they don't make any sense. My hope is that somewhere down the line, some new person comes along, takes a look at what we've collected here, and figures it all out. For now though, it's my professional opinion that we stay the hell away from Greenminster.
— Zedicar Ivish, Intelligence Operative
  In year 1254 of the Current Era, Wandermere's intelligence community put together an expedition to the Deep of Greenminster, located directly south of them within the ocean of The Floor of Study . The intent of the expedition was to assess the viability of setting up a small secondary colony on the island. Records of the flora and fauna on the island were to be kept, and samples were to be taken of anything unknown.  
4th Floor
4. The fourth floor's second name is unknown for now. The floor appears to consist entirely of one giant ocean. It's Nob's dream to make it up to this floor, to sail the open seas for the rest of his life.
  The expedition was intended to last two weeks. The plan was as follows:   # Sail the Alcastor, a small schooner, south down to the Deep of Greenminster. 2 days worth of travel. # Make contact at the north eastern shores of Greenminster. Anchor slightly off-shore, and use the rowboats to make landfall. # Set up base camp in the copse of trees on the north eastern shores. Bring enough supplies from the Alcastor for one week stay on land. # Send expeditions into Greenminster, in pairs. Start close at first, gradually spreading out across the island. No overnight expeditions. One week of expeditions was planned for. # Collect all samples and records, return to the Alcastor. Sail back to Wandermere.   Record are unclear as to how long the expedition actually lasted. The documents found have been organized in chronological order in the hopes of easing understanding.


Three months after the Alcastor left Wandermere's docks, it was found empty, washed up against the rocky shores of Mammoth Hill . Three of the four rowboats were missing, and most of the ships supplies were gone. Strangely, every bunk on the ship was in neat and tidy condition, as if the occupant had just made their bed.   Next to the mast, a pile of papers were found. They appeared to be pages torn out of personal journals, along with a rough map of the island. Piecing together what happened during the expedition from the contents of these journals has proven difficult.
Note from Zedicar
Proven difficult? Difficult? We don't have a damn clue what happened. Who even wrote this article? I need to have a talk with them.
Greenminster Expeditionary Map
The map found along with the few journal pages from the The Greenminster Expedition . The map is the sole remaining map of Greenminster Island, located within the The Deep of Greenminster . A splash of blood is found on the map, unknown if it is related to the disaster that befell the lost souls from the expedition.

Public Reaction

Rumors began circulating soon after news of the Alcastor's rediscovery broke. Loss and confusion from before quickly turned to fear, and anger. Some said that one of the eight members of the expedition sabotaged the entire operation. Others thought that the island was swarmed with unknowable monstrosities that fed off of the explorers.   For the most part, the members of the expedition were remembered and missed. The names of the lost were etched onto a plaque, placed at the spot the Alcastor left from at the beginning of her voyage.   The Alcastor, on her part, was sunk a few days after her rediscovery. Superstition was deemed to be the cause of her sinking.
by Stormbril
Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
1254 of the Current Era

Robert Viiding, Captain

This expedition was Robert's 12th time captaining a voyage for Wandermere's intelligence operations. His previous clean track record was the deciding factor in picking him for this expedition.

Thallan Stillmaw, First Mate

Known for his even temperment, Thallan has worked beside Robert for his entire career.

Otto Høgh, Scribe

Otto is a man of few words. He generally keeps to himself, almost always scribbling in his notebook. Otto was chosen for this voyage so that accurate drawings could be taken of whatever was found on the island. It is seen as a great travesty that the only drawing found from this failed expedition was a drawing of the island from afar.

Natano Asiata, Scholar

Seen as a little bit hot-headed, but exceedingly intelligent. Natano's short temper almost had him disqualified from the shortlist for this expedition, but his paper on "Life Cycles of Thoughtless Beings in a Post-Death World" cemented his place among the crew.

Scankap Leafore, Scholar

The sometimes rival of Natano, always friend of Robert. Scankap has been beside Robert Viiding almost as long as Thallan Stillmaw has. Scankap is a very capable scholar, with a very meticulous note taking habit.

Maeral Bonneret, Medic

Maeral is one of the two new faces to the intelligence operations of Wandermere. His soft heart and easy going nature were intended to hopefully ease relations on the voyage.

Feno Blacksong, Bard

A devout believer in "a good song will fix any mood", as well as "stories are the true currency in life". Feno begged to be included in this voyage, if only to be able to tell first-hand stories of what he witnessed here.

Barnabas John, Deck hand

An apprentice to Robert Viiding. Robert took Barnabas under his wing a few years before the expedition, and the voyage to Greenminster was to be Barnabas' first. Robert hoped to train Barnabas to eventually become a captain, with all the qualities Robert had.

Greenminster Plaque
by Stormbril

Cover image: by darkness


Author's Notes

I hope you like the article! Let me know what you think. The collection of documents is intended to be confusing, but hopefully not too confusing. Let me know if you think I should modify some images somewhere along the line. I'm hoping the article fits together as a cohesive piece.   Thanks for reading!

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That was incredible !!   The diversity of documents and writing styles used is great, it adds a lot to the confusion. The way this expedition seems to have gone horribly wrong, as well as the small details such as the bunk beds being tidy when the shipwreck was found, really create a weird, and chilling atmosphere in my opinion.   Hope to see more interesting work from you !

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