Mammoth Hill

Locked behind a forcefield, keeping everyone out, and everything in.


What used to be a neutral meeting area is now teeming with clockwork beasts. Surrounding the entire hill is a magical force field; the force field repels all matter and energy attempting to enter it’s area. Any attempts to dispel it so far have been unsuccessful. Atop Mammoth hill is the stair to the next floor.   The hill is locked behind the force field as a result of the Second Seperatist War .   The spies from Wandermere have located the source of the force field, finding it to be a crystalline orb located within the force field, on the slopes of the mountain. They have a plan to destroy it, they just need to find their ring gate.

Fauna & Flora

A great red dragon can be seen circling the tower occasionally, flying within the force field. The dragon looks weak and thin; as if it has not been able to sustain its self with the water it needs to live.

Mountain / Hill
Location under
The Floor of Study

Cover image: by Stormbril

Cover image: by Stormbril


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