The Waves of Sommerson

History lost


The waves of Sommerson, or Sommerwaves for short, used to be an archipelago used by both Wandermere and Blackridgepool for festivities and ceremonies. The island had considerably ancient ruins built upon it, that the denizens of both cities respected.   However, the war ended up burning down most of the island. During the Second Seperatist War , when the clockwork hoard sent a scout ship to the island, the majority of ruins and structures was burned down. Massive holes were dug up all across the islands.   A few people still choose to live here, vainly searching for anything that survived the fire. The people who live on this island truly believe knowledge is power, and they desperately want to recover any of the manuscripts, scrolls, and documents that used to exist here. Some of them are attempting to create copies from memory.

Fauna & Flora

A massive squid makes its home near Sommerwaves, but it is generally peaceful unless provoked.

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