The Deep of Greenminster

An untouched wilderness, ruled by an unknowable force


The Deep of Greenminster is a mysterious and terrifying island, often shrouded in heavy fog. Years ago, an expedition was sent to explore and take samples from the island. The intent was to determine if Wandermere could set up a second base of operations there. However, the expedition was met with failure, as all 8 of its members were killed. The only documents recovered from the mission painted a confusing picture.  
The Greenminster Expedition
Document | Aug 20, 2019

A sparse collection of documents from the failed Greenminster Expedition, resulting in the loss of the Alcastor and her 8 crew.

Fauna & Flora

Some mysterious force exerts its presence over the island, driving people mad. Weaker minded people are mentally destroyed by the islands effects, while those with power to them can resist longer -- often leading to dire consequences.

Alternative Name(s)
Greenminster Island
Location under
The Floor of Study

Cover image: by Stormbril


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