The ruins of war provide fuel for the fires of progress


The city is made of predominantly Half-Elf and Human , totaling about 50% of its population. A significant population of its denizens are Gnome , at 25%. The remaining 25% of the population is split somewhat equally between Elf , Dwarf , Lizardfolk , and Ifrit .


Before the First and Second Seperatist Wars , the governing authority of Wandermere was the Blade District. However, when this district was reduced to ash and rubble, Wandermere adopted a new style of governance. The remains of its resources were focused into it's intelligence district, the Hilt District.   The Hilt District drives the core of Wandermere further into rebuilding what it had lost; it's the spy district. It trains the brave to study the sea and the clouds, to travel wherever they need to. The spy district sends agents out into the ocean to search for clues regarding their lost ring gate.   Due to the nature of intelligence gathering, the Pommel District, Wandermere's only other remaining district, is subservient to the Hilt District.   The Pommel District focuses on shaping. They use magic and stonework on stones taken from the ocean floor, and create whatever the Hilt District requires. The ships of Wandermere are made of this stone; magically altered to be stronger and lighter.


The Pommel district houses the cities massive shipyards, as well as the laboratories and magic studies.   The shipyards are comprised of 3 separate docks; one of which is a large construction dock, nearest to the labs. Couriers and scientists often move back and forth between the labs and construction dock, when trying out new spells or techniques for the next ship build.   The other two docks are split into several smaller docks each. Ships are tested, and left to rest here in these docks. The spots farther from the shore are used for ships that are often sent out on expedition.  

  The labs work to develop new, lighter-than-water, technology. While the main focus is on new material to make ships out of, often the scientists and magicians create some new tech that has uses other than seafaring. They've recently developed a nearly perfectly clear dome out of the stone that one can wear on their head; it supplies enough oxygen to dive below the surface of the water for nearly 30 minutes.


Wandermere's main assets are its information, and its magical prowess.


Before the war, Wandermere and Blackridgepool were close knit sister cities. The cities used to have a pair of ring gates, it allowed them to trade small goods and discuss among themselves.   Wandermere was hit hardest by the war; their sister city survived in-tact, but Wandermere had nearly half of it destroyed during Second Seperatist War . A massive circular crater has removed half the city; the stone around is blackened. As a result, the denizens of Wandermere are wary, hardened folk. Most of them do not remember the exact circumstances of the battle, but it has imprinted them with a dislike for clockwork.   Wandermere used to have 4 districts, but the crater has destroyed 1 and most of another district. As a result, Wandermere only has 2 districts that work together. The pommel district, and the hilt district.   During the war, Wandermere's Ring Gate was lost to the sea. Most of its efforts now, all the ship building, magic study, and tech development, is focused into trying to find the ring gate once again.   Wandermere no longer trusts Blackridgepool as much as they used to before the war. They occasionally they send spies to check in on their sister city. The spies report back as often as they can; often detailing what has been coming through the ring gate, so they may attempt to track its location. Wandermere’s agents are often sent down to lower floors as well; they’ve snuck around floor 3 and floor 2. Wandermere has a pair of clockwork servants within their spy ranks; these are the only 2 clockwork that the city tolerates.


Wandermere is comprised of mainly short buildings, made of a white stone. Occasional taller towers dot the city-scape. The buildings are clustered close together, as a large amount of rebuilding had to be done after the war. No new buildings are built in the crater; that area is left as a reminder as to why they must continue to move forward.


  • Map of Wandermere

    The latest map showing the districts of Wandermere. Complete with accurate depiction of the crater left from the Second Seperatist War . Residences are found scattered throughout both the Hilt and Pommel districts; generally the people of Wandermere keep their residences near their place of work.

Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
The Floor of Study
First Seperatist War
Military Conflict | Aug 20, 2019

A brief war of exploration, between floor 4, and the floors above.

Second Seperatist War
Military Conflict | Aug 20, 2019

A shorter, more brutal war, that decimated the forces of floor 4.

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