Second Seperatist War

The loss of the ring gate, and the separation of the higher floors.

The Conflict


After the brief conflict of the First Seperatist War , both Wandermere and Blackridgepool vowed to defend their floor from subsequent attacks. The two cities set up a rotating guard on Mammoth Hill , swapping guards out once per week.   Additionally, ships were set on patrolling around the waters of Mammoth hill, should the need to provide backup.   However, the second war came quickly, without warning, and nothing like the first.


Hoards of unknown metal constructs came pouring out of the tower atop mammoth hill. They came in droves, some assembling larger constructs upon leaving the confines of the tower, and all containing powerful artifacts.


Once again this war took place on the slopes of Mammoth Hill , and within the city limits of Wandermere . A second smaller skirmish also occured on a small island to the north of Mammoth Hill ; The Waves of Sommerson .

The Engagement

The metal horde swarmed down the hillside, slaying all in it’s path. The Red Dragon, not quick to forget its anger, flew down from the clouds above, gushing fire at the clockwork. However the augmented machinery simply put the dragon to sleep; it crashed into the hill, and lay there unconscious.   The clockwork army seemingly had a singular goal in mind, secure Mammoth hill, which they did in mere hours. Upon completing this goal, they began yet more clockwork construction -- creating massive clockwork war ships, capable of destruction from afar. They sailed these boats in two directions -- one directly back to Wandermere, where they anchored a short distance from shore, and one to The Waves of Sommerson.   At Wandermere, they opened fire; beginning with a small volley of firebombs to dial in the range. The residents of Wandermere were sent scattering to safety, watching their homes and shops burn down. In a twist of fate, the firebombing saved most of their lives. In fleeing from the fire, the residents of Wandermere’s Blade District were far removed from danger when the clockwork warship fired the final shot. A massive explosion ripped through the city, blasting debris skyward. The city’s Ring Gate Park was destroyed, and in the process, the Ring Gate was blasted into the sea.   It is unknown why the clockwork army also attacked the Waves of Sommerson. No survivors were found from the island, and all of the existing structures were destroyed. A significant portion of the island was dug up, with massive holes left in the ground in a haphazard array. Post war scholars believe something had been buried there, and the army was sent to find it; the popular theory is the crystalline orb was found there.


With the destruction complete, the clockwork warships returned to Mammoth Hill. Here, the constructs that had been left behind had flattened out a small area on the side of the hill, and planted down a crystalline orb. Once all the clockwork were back safely on mammoth hill, they triggered the orb, and the force field came down, blocking all matter from entering or exiting. The clockwork horde disassembled everything they had, and returned to the higher floors, taking everything they had with them.   Days later, the Red Dragon awoke. Its fierce roars of anger quickly turned to mournful wails of despair, as the dragon found it to be trapped within a tiny area, locked within a bubble around the Mammoth Hill.


The ocean is hammered by storms every few days. The storms are massive, swirling beasts that move in often unpredictable ways. Scholars believe this to be the work of the lost Ring Gate; rapid changes in current occurring every so often in the depths of the ocean is wreaking havoc on the oceans natural currents and cycle.

Historical Significance


Wandermere curled in on its self after the war; having received next to no help from Blackridgepool , who had been too far to help in time, Wandermere lost trust in its ally. The city began redoubling its focus into intelligence operations, and began the search for its ring gate. In turn, they also began researching the force field around Mammoth Hill , and attempting to devise a way to bring it down.

Included under Conflict
War of the Fracture
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
1490, 5 days later
Conflict Result
Wandermere's Ring Gate was lost to the sea; many hundreds of lives were lost


The Metal Hoard
Coalition between Wandermere and Blackridgepool


Uncountable, unchallengeable hoard of clockwork servants, vehicles, and weapons. Nearly every clockwork was also augmented with artifacts and magical items.
Mortal guards posted on Mammoth Hill, with many ships patrolling the waters around it. Strengthened walls around each city.


The Metal Hoard lost only a few of its automatons ; not enough to matter.
All guards posted on Mammoth Hill died, as well as all 27 denizens of the Waves of Sommerson. As the attack reached the walls of Wandermere, and the firebombing began, another 52 souls died.


Secure Mammoth Hill, find something at the Waves of Sommerson, and destroy Wandermeres ring gate. Retreat, and seal Mammoth Hill.
Push back the attackers, save as many lives as possible, and don't lose the ring gate. Failed at all 3 objectives.


  • Map of 4th Floor

    4. The fourth floor's second name is unknown for now. The floor appears to consist entirely of one giant ocean. It's Nob's dream to make it up to this floor, to sail the open seas for the rest of his life.

  • Map of Wandermere

    The latest map showing the districts of Wandermere. Complete with accurate depiction of the crater left from the Second Seperatist War . Residences are found scattered throughout both the Hilt and Pommel districts; generally the people of Wandermere keep their residences near their place of work.


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