First Seperatist War

First contact made after years of silence

The Conflict


Previous relations with floors 5 and above were warm, and friendly. Not a lot was needed to be traded between the floors, so instead culture was traded. Groups would travel to Mammoth Hill , climb to the top of it, and climb the stairs up to floor 5. Over time, as the influx of souls into Synthacrosia lessened, trade between the floors lessened as well. The first war came after a long period of silence between the floors; 20 years had passed without seeing another visitor.


A group of 20 soldiers, accompanied by 20 clockwork men, came down from floor 5. Their demeanor was entirely different than remembered, and they stepped out onto Mammoth Hill with brutal intent.


Mammoth Hill , as well as a brief skirmish within the limits of Wandermere .

The Engagement

The group of 40 scoured Mammoth Hill for days. 7 of the men were lost in a brief battle with the Red Dragon of Mammoth Hill, but they managed to force the dragon to retreat to a different island. It was unknown what they were looking for. Their presence was only noted when a traveling ship from Wandermere passed by, and noticed the activity. This was the initial incident that sparked the war; the intruders from the floors above savagely killed all aboard the traveling ship, and took it for themselves. They took the boat and sailed back to Wandermere, and attempted to steal away with the cities Ring Gate. The attackers were pushed back however. The remaining 10 souls and 3 clockwork got back on their stolen ship, and fled to Mammoth hill, with Wandermeran’s in hot pursuit. The Red Dragon had noticed the activity, and came roaring back to the mountain, hoping to enact revenge on those who had pushed it away. The attackers fled up the hill, leaving the clockwork to slow the defenders down, escaping to the higher floors.   The defenders from Wandermere made short work of the clockwork, then rested for a day. The Red Dragon circled lazily ahead, searching for the glint of clockwork. Not wanting to head into enemy territory, they instead left a few guards behind on mammoth hill, with the rest returning to Wandermere.


Using the ring gate, Wandermere they informed Blackridgepool of what had transpired. The two cities vowed to defend their floor from future attacks, and devised a protection schedule to be shared between them. Guards would be posted on Mammoth hill, and technology would be developed to better protect them in case of another attack.


The guards posted on Mammoth Hill were the first to die, during the Second Seperatist War .

Historical Significance


3 quiet years passed before the Second Seperatist War began.

Included under Conflict
War of the Fracture
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
1487, one week after the invasion


Attackers from the floors above


20 Souls and 20 clockwork servants
A small fleet of sea-worthy vessels, merchants, and guards. Walls around the city, including a much larger number of guards. Magic and science backing every effort.


All clockwork servants were lost during the battle, while 13 of the Souls were killed.
A merchant vessel was captured near the beginning of the war, her entire crew killed. 15 Souls died during the skirmish within Wandermere's walls.


Exact objectives were never known; however it is hypothesized that the attackers wanted information, and wanted Wandermere's Ring Gate .
Push back the attacking force, figure out why they were attacking.


  • Map of 4th Floor

    4. The fourth floor's second name is unknown for now. The floor appears to consist entirely of one giant ocean. It's Nob's dream to make it up to this floor, to sail the open seas for the rest of his life.


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