Ring Gate

"Well. I guess we have a fountain now. Someone start digging a moat."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Ring gates are a pair of linked metal rings, connected via very strong transportational magic. The gates will transfer matter, light, and sound through them. The gates will remain linked so long as they are in the same plane as eachother, and within 100 miles of each other.   The gates can support the transfer of up to 1,000 lbs of matter per day; more than this, and the gate "shuts down" and needs to "cool down" for 24 hours. Objects that are pushed partway through, then returned, do not overwork the gate, and thus do not count towards its daily "limit".


Used to be the trading method between Blackridgepool and Wandermere


At the peak of the Second Seperatist War , the Clockwork Hoard destroyed a significant portion of Wandermere , sending the city's Ring Gate deep into the ocean.   As a result, Blackridgepool's ring gate now goes through periods of gushing 1,000 lbs of water out in a short period of time, and 24 hours of cooldown. Blackridgepool has made the best of a bad situation, building their previous meeting area into "Ring Gate Park", with a water feature in the middle of it.
Item type
Current Location
1lb each
about 18" in diameter
Base Price


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