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Red, Blue, and Green districts working in Tandem


Blackridgepool's demographics are a near even split between Half-Elf , Elf , Dwarf , Gnome , and Human , with Humans coming in at just a slightly higher percentage of the population -- 22%.


Blackridgepool is a city split into 3 districts, each one with an elected head representative. The three districts work in tandem to keep the city working effectively. After the Second Seperatist War , with Wandermere pulling away diplomatically from Blackridgepool, the city had to rush to become self sufficient.

Industry & Trade

Blackridgepool became entirely self sufficient, 5 years after the Second Seperatist War . As relations with Wandermere soured, Blackrdigites redoubled their efforts into ship building and scientific research. The maps they had collected before became a popular item to study, as people began exploring the ocean more.   Blackridgepool still has their Ring Gate , even though their sister city lost theirs. The Ring Gate cycles through periods of spewing water, silt, stones, and fish at incredible velocity; and periods of inactivity where the ring must "cool down". The consistency and type of matter that is expelled from the ring gate change from day to day, suggesting the sister gate is moving about the ocean floor.


Red District

In the red district is where all the shipbuilding occurs. The shipbuilders are experienced in building clockwork contraptions; they compete among themselves to attempt to craft the best ships they can. The ships built in Blackridgepool are made entirely of wood, which used to be sourced from Mammoth Hill and The Waves of Sommerson. However, after the war cut off access to Mammoth Hill , the Red District has had to source all lumber from the Waves of Sommerson -- where the supplies are rapidly dwindling. They've tasked the science district, the Green District, with figuring out a more renewable source.  

Blue District

The blue district is the planning and study district. Here everyone has a passion for maps. The blue district works in tandem with the red district; while the red builds the ships, blue plans the routes. The ocean has been an incredibly hostile space since the war, and it is often ravaged by insane storms. To go into the storms unprepared is certain death.  

Green District

The green district is the science district. The denizens of floor 4 still feel thirst, and the ocean here is unclean water. While not salty, it is full of trace elements that wreak havoc on the body. In the green district, they use magic in a scientific way to study and clean the water needed for everyone; before the war, this was Blackridgpool’s main trade, clean water. At least, that was it's main trade before the Separatist Wars . These days, the Green District only makes enough clean water for Blackridgepool its self.


Thanks to the efficiency of the three districts working in tandem, Blackridgepool has built up an excess of resources. Their map storage room contains hundreds of ocean current maps, from before and after the wars. They've mapped out every island aside from The Deep of Greenminster.   In their stocks, Blackridgepool has a small amount of wood remaining, harvested from Mammoth Hill before the war. They also have a steady supply of lustrous black stone found within the Black Ruins.   The teams within the Green District are always working on new ways to clean water, and discovering uses for the trace elements within it. Some recent discoveries they've made by studying the water are:  
  • A serum to lengthen or shorten ones hair
  • A myriad of different dyes, some that react to heat
  • A waterproofing mixture
  • A poison that robs one of their mental processes
  • While not all discoveries are as useful, the scientists and magicians are enthusiastic to continue researching.


    Before the war, Blackridgepool and Wandermere were close knit sister cities. The cities used to have a pair of ring gates, it allowed them to trade small goods and discuss among themselves.   After the First Seperatist War , Blackridgepool vowed to protect and aid it's allies. Denizens of Blackridgepool felt lucky, and guilty, that they suffered no losses from the first brief war. Assistance was pledged, and all the resources Blackridgepool had at her disposal were used to help prepare for the next war.   When the Second Seperatist War hit, and Blackridgepool once again lost nothing, the feeling of guilt was intensified. This guilt soured, as Wandermere turned their suspicion towards Blackridgepool after the war.   Blackridgepool felt they had done all they could, and thus cut communication with Wandermere as relations became increasingly hostile.   They cordoned off the Ring Gate in the center of the city, and built it into a water feature; the previous connection between the cities was now nothing more than an oddity to observe.


    Blackridgepool's buildings, for the most part, look remarkably similar to Wandermere's -- mostly short, white, stone buildings. However Blackridgepool did not adapt to the stone as much as Wandermere did. A large amount of the buildings in Blackridgepool are augmented with wood harvested from the days before the wars.   Additionally, a lot of the cities buildings are highlighted with a lustrous black stone found within the Black Ruins . The stone found here is very dark in complexion, with a wonderful shine to it. Blackridgites often use their boats to explore the ruins, harvesting more of the material. These ruins are what give Blackridgepool it's name.


    • Blackridgepool
      A fairly large industrial city, with a higher population than Wandermere . The cities three districts, clearly defined, are the Red, Blue, and Green district. The city uses its docks to to send out resource gathering missions to Black Ruins , or The Waves of Sommerson .
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