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Elmgate is the industrial and production hub of Havenport, where the clang of machinery and the hum of productivity create a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. The district is essential to the city's economic infrastructure.   Elmgate stands as a testament to the synergy between traditional craftsmanship and magical innovation in Havenport. The district's industrious spirit, commitment to quality, and collaborative efforts with Huppledruff's Arcane University make it a vital and dynamic part of the city's identity.


Craftsmanship and Workshops:
Skilled Artisans: Elmgate is home to numerous workshops and skilled artisans who excel in various crafts. Blacksmiths, leatherworkers, and other craftsmen contribute to the district's reputation for quality craftsmanship.   Foundries and Smithies:
Metalworking Hub: Foundries and smithies in Elmgate specialize in metalworking, producing a wide range of goods from armor and weapons to everyday tools. The district is known for its skilled smiths and metallurgists.   Tanneries and Leather Goods:
Leatherworking Tradition: Elmgate houses tanneries and leatherworking shops that process raw materials into high-quality leather goods. The district's leatherworkers are skilled in creating everything from garments to accessories.   Artisan Markets:
Marketplace of Crafts: Artisan markets in Elmgate showcase the district's products. Residents and visitors can explore these markets to find unique handmade items and support local artisans.   Magic and Alchemy Shops:
Arcane Presence: Elmgate is not just about traditional craftsmanship; it also hosts magic and alchemy shops. Enchanters and alchemists in the district provide magical items and potions to both locals and adventurers.   Workman's Square:
Gathering Place: Workman's Square serves as a central point for Elmgate's residents to gather. The square may feature communal spaces, food stalls, and perhaps even performances, providing a sense of community amidst the industrial activity.

Guilds and Factions

Trade Guilds:
Guilds of Craftsmen: Trade guilds play a significant role in Elmgate, regulating standards and fostering a sense of camaraderie among craftsmen. These guilds ensure that the district maintains a reputation for quality workmanship.


Apprenticeship Programs:
Training the Next Generation: Elmgate supports apprenticeship programs, where aspiring craftsmen and artisans learn their trade under the guidance of experienced mentors. This tradition ensures the continuity of craftsmanship in the district.   Innovation Hubs:
Technological Advancements: Elmgate serves as a hub for technological advancements in craftsmanship. Innovations in machinery, tools, and magical enhancements contribute to the district's reputation as a center of progress.   Public Art Installations:
Industrial Aesthetics: Public art installations in Elmgate celebrate the district's industrial aesthetics. Sculptures made from reclaimed materials and murals depicting the craftsmanship process add an artistic touch to the urban landscape.


Industrial Architecture:
Functional Design: Elmgate's architecture is practical and functional, reflecting the district's industrial nature. Factories, workshops, and warehouses are designed to optimize production and efficiency.

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